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Whether you’re new to the promo world or a veteran with countless samplings, demos, events, and bar promotions under your belt, it’s important to always be prepared for each unique event that you are booked for. Since there will always be a fun variety of types of events and products being demoed and sampled to an audience of consumers, it’s necessary to always be prepared in the most efficient way possible before heading to your scheduled event.

Here are the most essential boxes to be checked off when getting yourself ready and prepared for a sampling, event, bar promotion, or tradeshow with Modern Talent:

  1. Do the Necessary Research

The week of your event, you will be emailed material to look over and study about the product/service that you will be promoting. It’s crucial that these materials are looked over and clearly understood. Know the important details about the product or service. Such as where the product comes from, the flavor notes, history of the brand, fun facts, how it can be served/used by consumers, etc. After studying the research and marketing material, you should feel 100% confident in your ability to answer questions from consumers that you interact with at your event, and be able to show enthusiasm when sharing selling points. People are much more likely to buy a product from someone who shows confidence and knowledge about what they’re selling!

  1. Know the Location

The most simple and easy way to avoid being late for your event, is to put the location of where you are scheduled in your map app on your phone ahead of time. See how far away it is, and the time it takes to get there. Also, take into consideration the time that you’re required to be there. If the event starts during rush hour time, add more time to your ETA to avoid being late due to traffic. Another good way to prepare for your event is to familiarize yourself with the area that the event is being held, to avoid getting lost. For example, if the event is in a mall, become aware of the location of the mall you need to be reporting to, to find the closest parking and avoiding walking around the entire mall trying to find your event spot. Punctuality and reliability is extremely important in the promotions industry, and proving yourself to be reliable and on time will result in getting booked for more events!

  1. Call the Account

There are a variety of places that a Promotional Model at Modern Talent will be booked for events. Anywhere from a local bar for a bar promotion, a grocery store for a product demo, a liquor store for awine sampling, and more. There is a lot of time and work that goes into scheduling these events. Our clients strategize and get the event details together with the accounts they work with, in order to set our team up for success for all parties. Sometimes however, things fall through the cracks and there is miscommunication about remembering when a promotional event is taking place. In order to avoid any confusion, it’s critical that our Event Staff calls the account ahead of time to confirm what time they will be there, and details of what will be promoted and/or sampled to consumers. There may be other key details to remind the account of, such as having bottles of white wine chilling in a fridge, or making sure there is enough inventory of a product being sampled. When everyone is on the same page with communication, it helps each event run smoothly!

  1. Look the Part!

First impressions are very important in the promo world. When working for Modern Talent, you’re hired to be the face of a brand and a positive influence todrive our client’s presence and sales. A common misconception in the promotional marketing industry is that you have to look like a runway model to be successful. This is not true. Professionalism, people skills, being approachable, and looking put together is what will get you far as a Brand Ambassador. It is essential to take time before you leave for an event that you are practicing good hygiene, have hair washed and styled neatly, and are wearing clothes that are clean and fit appropriately. For women on our team, it is necessary to have hair and makeup done in a way that is glamorous, but also natural looking. When working an event with more than one person, always coordinate outfits (including bottoms and shoes) ahead of time to ensure that everyone is matching.

For every promotion, it’s important to remember that you are representing both our clients and Modern Talent. Showing up on time, prepared, following proper safety guidelines, and being professional and outgoing will ensure success in this industry!

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