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Joining the Modern Talent Team

Becoming a valued member of the Modern Talent team is so much more than having the opportunity to represent some of the biggest and incredible brands in the world. We value each individual and what they bring to the table to make every event amazing. Not only are you helping us and our clients, we also want to watch you grow as a leader and professional.

Working Promotions isn’t for everyone - and that’s okay!

Not everyone is suited to join the team at Modern Talent. Working our events includes customer service duties, such as approaching complete strangers and striking up conversation about a product/service. It’s crucial to have an outgoing personality and be well-spoken, be enthusiastic about a product, and have a high regard for professionalism and personal appearance.

Our clients at Modern Talent expect the excellence that we always provide for them. Maintaining our reputation for having the most reliable, trustworthy, and outgoing Brand Ambassadors means only hiring the best of the best!

Why Work for Modern Talent

  • Paid Bi-Weekly with Direct Deposit Option

    We pay all staff members every other Tuesday, and each event pays out within 1-2 weeks of completion. Most promotional companies pay monthly, and several weeks after completion, however, we understand that a paid team makes for a happy team, and a happy team leads to more successful events for our clients. We offer you the option of being paid via Direct Deposit or by check.

  • Fun

    You’ll get a chance to meet new, interesting people from all walks of life.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Most of our events are on nights and weekends and you are booked based solely on the availability you give us.. Most team members are in school or work another job making this a great source of income while maintaining flexibility. Work weekly, monthly, or less--you choose.

  • Great Money

    Our pay grades start at $25-30 an hour and can increase from there.