Spring 2021 – Light at the End of the Tunnel

two female wine promoters

It has been one whole year since COVID-19 shut the public down and put us into a lockdown, turning our daily routines upside down and having to adjust to these new changes that were unfortunately out of anyone’s control.

During that time, we have missed all the events that make Spring, Summer, and Fall so fun and exciting at Modern Talent: Bar Promotions, annual events such as Basilica Block Party, Pride, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, St. Patrick’s Day in St. Paul, Oktoberfest, and more. Although we have improvised and come up with new ways to promote the amazing brands that we represent such as Social Media Influencing, we all have missed those face-to-face interactions with consumers and having events where Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors get to work together as a team.

This Spring brings a lot of hope into the future of Modern Talent. With the COVID-19 vaccine rolling out, businesses slowly but surely opening back up with some states already being fully open, there’s a clear light at the end of this dark 2020 tunnel! There have already been more in-store sampling events being booked (with proper safety protocols) and planning of in-person events for this coming Summer 2021.

It’s so exciting what is to come in the near future for all of our markets. We have missed our team of amazing Brand Ambassadors and clients, and can’t wait to get things going in the on-premise and in person again! Modern Talent will still continue to provide Social Media Influencer services for our clients targeting consumers online. Along with our new additional virtual services, it will be so refreshing having events where we are unplugged from our devices and living in the moment. Engaging with people in person again, working as a team at events, and educating consumers on the brands we proudly represent.

Consumers are more ready than ever to eat out at restaurants and have a night out with their group of friends while meeting new people. An article written from the Wall Street Journal stated that: “The loss that we have felt from not being able to go out will fuel a renewal, and even people that didn’t go out as much before will be more ready to be out socializing again”, and “during this time of isolation, many of us have had the chance to reflect on the main driver of our happiness: social interaction.”

The last time the world faced a pandemic like this was in 1918 during the flu pandemic. After that came the roaring 20’s, where the economy prospered and people came together to socialize and enjoy their life. Could history repeat itself? We sure hope so! 

This past year has been a challenge for many of us for all kinds of reasons. However, we will only come out of this mess even stronger, smarter, and more motivated than ever. Our team of outgoing Brand Ambassadors have missed being booked for on-premise promotions, special events, and sports events, and are more ready and prepared than ever to start things up once again.

Cheers to getting through these difficult times together, and to all of the amazing and fun events that are soon to come!

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