How Do I Become a Successful Influencer?

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The age of the “Social Media Influencer” is not going anywhere. This newer marketing tactic to make an impact on consumers continues to grow in popularity and be utilized by industries of all types. In the liquor/beverage space, the use of Social Media influencers has grown exponentially since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as a way to engage with their target consumer outside of the typical bar scene with Promotional Models. Modern Talent is excited to have launched influencer marketing campaigns withPress Seltzer in 2020, and are looking forward to growing our agency with Social Media Influencer Talent across the country in 2021.

Becoming a successful Social Media Influencer amongst the growing competition on Instagram takes effort, strategy, and consistency. Whether you have been growing your influencer audience for years, or just beginning your influencer journey, the following are important ways to grow and find success as a Social Media Influencer.


A skilled influencer knows how to get themselves seen on their followers feeds, as well as on the niche Instagram explore page. Social Media Influencers who know the best times to post on their page and their story to increase their views and audience engagement on the social media algorithm. By posting at the right times, they know that they will get the most response from their followers, as well as increase their following.

Editing Skills

Successful Social Media Influencers are savvy with photography and editing apps. They know which apps and software will make their photos/videos bright and eye-catching for their audience while they are scrolling through their feed. It’s likely that they study and research editing techniques, and pay for extra editing features as an investment to grow their engagement and audience. They truly take the time to perfect their posts before they go live on social media, make necessary edits to make the product that they are promoting the focal point of their post andmarketing the product beautifully.


Consumers buy products that their favorite influencers are marketing, because they see Social Media Influencers to be more relatable to their everyday lives and budget than a “celebrity”. The best influencers don’t just make their post and leave it alone, they engage with their followers by responding to comments and answering questions that consumers have. The influencer will make their “stories” engaging by adding a voting poll, question section, and more tools that get their audience to engage with them and share their content with others. The more engagement = more new followers!


When most of us go through our Instagram or TikTok feeds, there’s a lot of repetition with current trends, and less originality. A strategic Social Media Influencer is completely authentic and creates original content that reflects their personality, making them stand out amongst the other influencers on the platform. Consumers engage with Social Media Influencers that they find relatable, funny, unique and likeable! Being a cookie-cutter influencer who copies what other influencers are doing won’t help them in creating their own identity online. Being authentic, honest, and creative helps an influencer with growing their target audience.

Passion for Marketing

An influencer with experience in marketing will know how to market the product that they are representing online. They don’t just simply hold a product while smiling, post it without any additional context or information, and call it a day. Skilled Social Media Influencers will have a strategy that fits with what the client is looking for in their social media marketing campaign, make it unique, and create content that fits perfectly with the product. Having a passion for marketing and growing their audience with strategically engaging posts is a win-win for the client and the Influencer behind the post!

If you are a Social Media Influencer who is discouraged by not gaining the following you’ve been striving for, keep at it! Growing an audience takes time and there’s a lot of strategy behind it all. Keeping up with new trends and changes in social media algorithms is a great way to stay on top of your new content, and grow your audience with consumers who are actively engaging with your posts regularly. Quantity of followers doesn’t always mean quality when it comes to overall engagement! With continued effort and quality posts that stand out amongst the rest, a Social Media Influencer will find great success!

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