Brand Ambassadors

Need more motivated people to raise awareness of your brand?

We understand the importance of leaving a positive experience with your brand that leads to an increase of lifelong consumers. Our Brand Ambassadors are used to being diverse with the events that they are booked for. They are trained on the event that they are booked for well in advance, and are confident and ready to go above and beyond with the tasks they are assigned.

Multiplying Yourself

Since you can’t be in more than one place at a time, hiring our Brand Ambassadors increases footprint at an event and engaging with more consumers. Resulting in reaching much more of your target audience in a shorter amount of time!

Recapping and Reporting

At Modern Talent, we proudly use Palaterra as our technology for scheduling, tracking, and providing details for all of our events. Using Palaterra in our day-to-day operations helps us to streamline data and results, as well as provide valuable feedback for our clients and promo team.

Our clients love how quickly they’re able to get results from Modern Talent events with the use of Palaterra. Our Event Staff is able to upload event photos, provide customer feedback and sales numbers, and upload receipts immediately after their event is finished. Being able to provide this data that is immediate and simply streamlined provides value for our clients. We understand first-hand how much time and detail that goes into planning marketing programs and events. Using Palaterra lets our clients see their successfully executed event and return on investment as soon as possible!

Examples of different events that our Brand Ambassadors have been tasked with include:

  • Street team on college campuses and retail locations
  • Superbowl Events
  • Engaging with target consumers at sporting events
  • Food and beverage demos
  • Hosts/Hostesses
  • Private Corporate Events

Why Modern Talent?

Why Modern Talent for Hiring Brand Ambassadors?

Modern Talent takes care of all of your Brand Ambassador needs. We have an impressive and diverse Brand Ambassador database that includes only the most outgoing, engaging, and reliable Brand Ambassadors in your area. Hiring them to be the face of your brand will result in reaching more of your target audience, an increase in sales, and creating excitement and buzz at your next event!