On the Rocks

In-Store Product Demos & Tastings

A perfectly executed event from start to finish.

At Modern Talent, we are proud of our experienced sampling team who always go above and beyond to “wow” every customer they come in contact with. Our team always arrives 15 minutes before a tasting event begins to display your product beautifully so that it catches the curious eye of consumers.

We do our homework and are excited to tell your brand’s story.  We hold our Brand Ambassadors to a high standard when it comes to being educated on the brands they are sampling. Our sampling team always goes into a shift confident in their knowledge about a product, and they are always ready and eager to answer questions from consumers.

Recapping and Reporting

At Modern Talent, we proudly use Palaterra as our technology for scheduling, tracking, and providing details for all of our events. Using Palaterra in our day-to-day operations helps us to streamline data and results, as well as provide valuable feedback for our clients and promo team.

Our clients love how quickly they’re able to get results from Modern Talent events with the use of Palaterra. Our Event Staff is able to upload event photos, provide customer feedback and sales numbers, and upload receipts immediately after their event is finished. Being able to provide this data that is immediate and simply streamlined provides value for our clients. We understand first-hand how much time and detail that goes into planning marketing programs and events. Using Palaterra lets our clients see their successfully executed event and return on investment as soon as possible!

Why Modern Talent?

Why Modern Talent for hiring In-Store Sampling Staff?

No matter how busy a demo event is, our team has the skills and talent necessary to be able to multitask with a smile. Whether that includes making cocktails or cutting more food samples, checking ID’s, pouring samples, and keeping a clean work space, our Brand Ambassadors are able to do it all while educating multiple consumers on the product at a time. All while working diligently to hit target sales goals and sharing your brand’s story!