Patio Season in Minneapolis is Back!

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When living in Minnesota, we all know the uplifting feeling in the air when spring time arrives. The days are longer, the sun is shining, trees are turning green and colorful flowers are blooming. This spring feels even more joyful, as the world is starting to become more normal again, as our moods are improving in a positive direction.

Minnesotans look forward to spring for the warmer weather, which brings upon our beloved “patio season”. With our favorite bars/restaurants welcoming more guests with higher capacities, and Twins season opener happening recently, Minneapolis/St. Paul locals will be wanting to soak in every beautiful spring and summer day on a patio with friends, while supporting their favorite local bars and restaurants.

With all the amazing restaurant options that the city has to offer, it’s difficult to decide on a place to go to with friends or coworkers for happy hour at the end of the workday, or where to meet up before and after a Minnesota Twins game. These are a few local bars/restaurants in Minneapolis/St. Paul that are great to keep in mind for this patio and rooftop season.

Uptown Tavern

A staple in the Uptown neighborhood of Minneapolis, Uptown Tavern is the perfect spot for happy hour rooftop drinks. Their rooftop has a full bar, a huge selection of tap beers, and delicious upscale bar food. It’s a great choice to go for a beautiful weekend day for brunch, especially when you go while their impressive bloody mary bar is out! Uptown Tavern is located right in the heart of Uptown and is next to other neighborhood favorites that have outdoor seating such as Stella’s Fish Cafe and The Fremont, which makes for a perfect spot to bar hop and check out the rest of the neighborhood.

Cowboy Jack’s Downtown

If you’re from Minneapolis or the surrounding area, there’s almost a 100% chance that you have been to the downtown location of Cowboy Jack’s. Their popular downtown location has been closed for most of COVID-19, but Jack’s is now open again just in time for baseball season! Their spacious rooftop is the perfect place to visit before and/or after a Twins game, since it’s conveniently located right across the street from Target Field. There’s a chance that you may find some of our Promotional Models there this summer giving out ice cold Jägermeistersamples, too!


This newer spot is located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis. It’s a perfect place to go if no one can decide on what type of food they want to eat, because they have multiple food vendor options that continue to rotate that cater to all different types of diet restrictions. Graze has an outdoor area on the main level of the restaurant, as well as a rooftop with plenty of seating and a beautiful view of the city and Target Field that you can enjoy while sipping on one of their craft cocktails.

Brit’s Pub

Brit’s has been around for 30+ years, and is a beloved establishment in downtown Minneapolis. There is outdoor seating on both the main level, as well as upstairs on their spacious rooftop deck. The rooftop deck is complete with a big green grass lawn which is used for Lawn Bowling in the summertime. Brit’s is the go-to spot for soccer fans towatch games on their many televisions, and enjoy a Jameson cocktail (…or a few!)

Ox Cart Arcade and Rooftop

We can’t forget about St. Paul on this list! There are many good places to eat and drink outside in St. Paul during patio season that have been around for many years, such as Alary’s, Tom Reid’s, The Liffey (to name a few). Ox Cart is a newer establishment in Lowertown, St. Paul has a spacious rooftop with a full bar that overlooks CHS Field. The location makes it the perfect spot to go to before or after a St. Paul Saints game, or to have the best view of the fireworks that go off after each game ends!

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