Promotional Models

The Promotional Models at Modern Talent...

are more than just physically stunning with a pretty face. It is their knowledge on each product, charisma, and outgoing charm that will entice your target audience and lead to new lifelong consumers. We instill in our team that they are not only there to look beautiful and take photos, they understand that their main goal is to drive sales and raise awareness on the products they represent.

Modern Talent has an extensive background and over 15 years of experience in the adult beverage industry.

Our Promotional Model team has impressive experience sampling beer, wine, and liquor products in bars, restaurants, liquor stores, special events, and tradeshows. Our Promotional Models deeply understand the importance of “liquid to lips” experiences with consumers while educating them on new and existing beverage products, instead of simply handing out samples without explanation.

Recapping and Reporting

At Modern Talent, we proudly use Palaterra as our technology for scheduling, tracking, and providing details for all of our events. Using Palaterra in our day-to-day operations helps us to streamline data and results, as well as provide valuable feedback for our clients and promo team.

Our clients love how quickly they’re able to get results from Modern Talent events with the use of Palaterra. Our Event Staff is able to upload event photos, provide customer feedback and sales numbers, and upload receipts immediately after their event is finished. Being able to provide this data that is immediate and simply streamlined provides value for our clients. We understand first-hand how much time and detail that goes into planning marketing programs and events. Using Palaterra lets our clients see their successfully executed event and return on investment as soon as possible!

Why Modern Talent?

Why Modern Talent for hiring Promotional Models?

While there are plenty of agencies out there that provide Promotional Models, the Promotional Model team at Modern Talent will give you your desired result you need for your next event or sampling program. We are confident in our Promotional Models because of our dedication to interview, thoroughly train, and hold our promo team to the highest standard while representing our client’s brands, leading to desired results at every promotional event. We have grown a database of Promotional Models in many different states, who all know their market and target audience well, creating a fun and comfortable environment where they are booked locally.