Growing Your Brand During a Global Pandemic

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In these uncertain times during this Global Pandemic, it may seem like an unattainable goal to maintain your brand’s positive momentum before the virus hit. Growing your brand seems even more unrealistic than ever. It’s frustrating and disheartening seeing your future projects and face-to-face brand activations be pushed into the distant future over and over again. However, making your brand stand out amongst the competition is crucial to stay ahead, and there are ways to maintain and influence your consumer base by looking into new ways to increase brand awareness, all while staying consistent in doing your company’s part in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

At Modern Talent, we understand the struggle in business the virus has caused, and are navigating this new “normal” alongside our clients. We miss our bar promotions, liquid-to-lips samplings, festivals, events, and more… However, during this time, we have carefully come up and implemented new ways to market brands with proper safety protocols that will help our brands continue to increase sales and to influence new and repeat consumers. When it comes to where your marketing budget is being spent, we want to help our clients succeed in the best ways possible to make sure that every marketing dollar counts.

Social Media Influencers

The global pandemic has companies pausing their current marketing projects and re-evaluating how to reach their target audience and marketing strategy. With more people spending time at home and more time spent scrolling through their social media, Social Media influencers can make a bigger impact in a brand’s target market than ever before. According to Rakuten’s 2019 Influencer Marketing Global Survey, 87% of shoppers were inspired by an influencer to make a purchase!

Influencers really have been around forever. Back in the times before social media, if you found a product or service that you loved, you’d tell at least 1-2 friends about it through word of mouth. Hearing about a product from a friend or family member had way more of an impact than any ad on television or the radio, because you trust them! Now that this has evolved in the social media age, this gives brands the opportunity to give their voice to someone who can persuade their followers in an honest and authentic way that will drive sales.

At Modern Talent, we have a team of experienced and well-known Social Media Influencers in many different markets who are excited to try new products from our clients and share their positive thoughts with their followers. We have different options for posts, such as videos or multiple photos in a post. Leave all the rest to our Social Media Influencers, they are skilled in photography and know how to create eye-catching content that will make consumers stop mindlessly scrolling through their feed to take a look at what they’re promoting!

Dry Demos

Our team at Modern Talent is second to none when it comes to being able to tell a brand’s story. In these times, that skill is more necessary than ever to close a sale in the promotional world. When it comes to in-store demos and samplings, for now we feel that it is best to keep these events “dry” and leave the actual tasting for when the customer leaves the store with the product. Although customers may be disappointed at first to see that they aren’t allowed to sample a product in-store, they will be able to experience our Brand Ambassadors telling a brand’s story, with the help of using visuals and a beautifully put together display that will make them excited to bring the product home and try it for themselves!

Safety is the #1 priority for us, our clients and our communities. We are committed to executing all events, samplings and demos with COVID-19 safety protocols to help stop the spread and get back to our normal liquid-to-lips samplings as soon as it is safe to do so!

Outdoor Events

Hosting events while outdoors gives our clients the opportunity to get creative and spread a brand’s message, socialize with others who have been quarantining at home, all while staying safe and social distancing. Our team at Modern Talent has been able to take advantage of the beautiful summer weather while helping with special events hosted outdoors that have all been very successful!

A few weeks ago our Promotional Models worked a First Responders outdoor event in Wisconsin, as well as a team of our Brand Ambassadors representing Gage Cannabis in Michigan. Both events were executed beautifully and followed all COVID-19 safety protocols, and will continue to be following all proper guidelines while running successful events!

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