Brand Ambassadors and Education on the Brands They Represent

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At Modern Talent, we take pride in the products and services that are being represented when our Promotional Models, Trade Show Models, and Liquor Store Samplers are working a shift. We know the importance of being educated on a product or service before we start telling a brand’s story and key details to the consumer, either changing a perception in a positive way, or continuing a consumer’s love for a product in order to drive sales. For our clients, a Brand Ambassador’s job is to be the face of your brand, be able to confidently answer any questions that a consumer has about your product, actively bringing your brand to life!

Whenever a Promotional Model is booked for a shift at Modern Talent, whether it’s a liquor store sampling, bar promotion, trade show, or product demo, they are sent all the information necessary on the brand that they are representing days in advance. They are given the correct resources to read and closely study about the product/service before their shift begins. This gives them the time necessary to research the brand’s history, know the products and the key facts, in order to become educated, confident, and passionate about what they are selling to the consumer at an event, from set up to take down. By giving them this time to research and educate themselves, it also gives them the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time to be as prepared as possible

For our staff, it’s crucial that they are professional, engaging and outgoing. Being educated on the brands they represent is the most important piece when it comes to getting the word out about a product or service, and is the most effective in closing a sale. Who would want to buy a more expensive bottle of wine from a wine sampler, who is staring at the back label of the wine bottle the entire time and not making any eye contact, while scrambling to answer any questions? *hello $9.99 and under wine section!*

The following is the necessary information that is sent to a Modern Talent Promotional Model/Brand Ambassador team member the week of their shift:

  • Client’s website – includes company history, portfolio, where it’s available, etc.
  • Sell sheet of product(s) and/or service with key facts
  • Ingredients/flavor profile of wines, liquor, and/or beer being sampled
  • Drink strategy

Along with sending out information to be carefully studied, we give our clients the opportunity to bring a team of Brand Ambassadors together for a training on their product/service, either in person or online to gain even more insight, and having no doubt that every event is executed perfectly with an informed, enthusiastic, and engaged team.

Being educated on each product that our staff is promoting is something that Modern Talent takes seriously. It’s a bonus for our sampling team that they are given the opportunity to learn and engage with some of the most well known and loved brands in the business, including Jim Beam, Jӓgermeister, Bacardi, Hulu, Best Buy, and more. Taking the extra steps and effort to make sure that our Promotional Models are well prepared for every shift is essential for maintaining the great relationships that we have with our clients who continue to use our services, and building our client base in many different states across the country!

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