COVID-19 and the Event Staffing Industry

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2020 has brought some uncertain times for everyone – especially the BA industry. With most experiential marketing events cancelled for the year, what can we expect? Will these jobs ever return? What will they look like once they do? These are concerns for staffing agencies as well. The whole industry is at the mercy of the virus. Although there is uncertainty, the question is not if but when jobs will return.

Brands still have their marketing budgets. How they use their budgets will look a little different going forward. Brands and agencies are working together to come up with innovative ways to market their products while following CDC guidelines. This is a slow process but we are working tirelessly to get things back to business as usual.

Online marketing and brand influencing are the first steps in keeping business going. Creating brand awareness through social media posts has been beneficial during this time of social distancing. It has been a great addition to the services Modern Talent has to offer their clients. Due to its success, we will continue this service going forward. No masks required!

The second step to getting back to business – sampling. Liquor stores would like nothing more than to resume tastings. To do so, the consumer needs to feel safe. Modern Talent will instate a few steps to ensure the safety of the consumer and our Brand Ambassadors. These steps are:

  • Dry sampling – A brand ambassador will set-up their display with all marketing materials and product. They will create brand awareness of the product by interacting with consumers without supplying physical samples for tasting.
  • Masks and gloves – The Brand Ambassador will wear a mask and gloves for the duration of the tasting.
  • No-touch interaction – We want the sampling process to be as smooth and safe as possible. The Brand Ambassador will place sample cups upside down on the sanitized table/tray. The consumer will pick-up their own cup and the brand ambassador will pour the sample directly into the cup.
  • Sanitize – There will be multiple sanitization measures. A sign will be displayed on the sampling table showing the steps the Brand Ambassador took to sanitize the location before sampling started. For example, the table, sample bottles, shaker, cups and/or any other products used in the tasting – will be wiped with anti-bacterial wipes. A bottle of hand sanitizer will be placed on the sampling table for the consumers to use before they sample.

We are working in conjunction with businesses to modify these steps to suit their needs. After that, it’s as easy as getting events scheduled. Modern Talent will reach out with updates as soon as they are available. We are in this together. Thank you for your support! We can’t wait to get started again!

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Written by Amanda Dorf

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