Wine Professionals

We have a professional team of Brand Ambassadors that specialize in promoting and selling wine.  Although the wine industry as a whole has continued to grow in recent decades, wine knowledge in the average consumer has not yet caught up and provides a much more challenging market to navigate.  Limited production wines, also known as boutique, can be intimidating to the average wine consumer; our mission is to help communicate your story and values to prospective buyers and create return clients for your product.

Our wine professionals receive extensive professional development wine brand knowledge and how to specifically sell wine.  We take pride in our brand ambassadors abilities to create an unintimidating and comfortable environment for consumers to ask questions, learn about your product, sample the wines and thus drive sales.  Wine is often more about the story than the product itself, and we can help share that story with consumers.  There are statistics that show the average consumer has a five times better chance of purchasing a wine after trying it, versus not.  Therefore, conducting wine samplings is KEY to the success of any brand.  We know you can’t be in multiple places at once, so let us help you market your brand with our wine professionals.

Hire Wine Professionals

It has become a necessity for winemakers to put people out in front of their product in order to educate and inform consumers due to the overwhelming abundance of brands available at local wine & liquor stores, as well as restaurants and bars. Creating a human connection is a great way to break through some of the barriers with boutique wine and engaging with consumers is what we do best!

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Why Modern Talent?

Full Time Staff

Modern Talent has full-time staff members available to support clients 24/7. WIth a prime time for many promotions being nights and weekends, we ensure team member availability during these peak times, and there is always someone on call for support.

24/7 Support

We’re here 24/7 to support our clients. Most events are night and weekends; we have staff on call and ready at all times to handle issues in real time.

Live Promotions Only

At Modern Talent, we do one thing, and one thing only - event promotions. There is no shortage of companies that claim to offer promotions along with other services, but this is all we do. We’re specialized in event promotions; it is evident in everything from the superior staff, team training, event reporting and more - you can tell the difference.

10+ Years Experience

Our staff has been doing event promotions for years and our experience ensures events run smoothly and as anticipated. Having done 1,000’s of events from beverage samplings, to conventions or on-site activations, we can ensure any event is a success.

Quick & Accurate Reporting

Clear, accurate reporting is always completed within 24 hours of an event. Our reporting includes images, hours, users, feedback, and more.

Licensed & Insured

Modern Talent is insured to cover liability for our staff at all events. Some promotion companies do not carry insurance, opening clients up to liability issues. You’ll receive insurance documentation with all signed contracts.

1,000's of Promo Staff

We have a database of 1,000’s of team members trained and ready to work. All Modern Talent staff go through thorough training and we have a wide range of personnel including males & females of all ages and demographics to fit any staffing requirements.

Who We Work With

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