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Virtual Promotions & Social Media Influencers

It is the age of social media marketing!

Social media influencing is a rapidly growing marketing strategy. In fact, according to The Spirits Business, social engagement with alcohol brands is up 327% in 2020 compared to 2019.  Instagram is by far the leader for social media marketing, giving influencers a platform to promote all kinds of products to thousands of their local followers. Social media influencers give your brand the opportunity to reach a huge audience of target consumers, increasing brand awareness instantly, and creating buzz and conversation around a new product.

Our Promotional Models are Instagram Experts

Many of our Promotional Models have a very influential following on their social media, including Instagram and Facebook. Most of our Brand Ambassadors have experience with promoting different products using their social media, whether that be with product placement, or posting where they will be doing an upcoming bar promotion to get more people to come to their event. Our Social Media Influencers at Modern Talent are skilled in photography and editing, are strategic with when/where they post, and know how to create beautiful and eye catching content that make consumers stop mindlessly scrolling through their feed to take a look at what they’re promoting!

Tracking & Reporting

At Modern Talent, we proudly use DYZIO as our social media influencer tracking software.

Our clients love how quickly they’re able to see results from Modern Talent Influencers with the use of DYZIO. We understand first-hand how much time and detail that goes into planning marketing programs and events. Using DYZIO lets our clients see their successfully executed social media campaigns, and return on investment as soon as possible!

Why Modern Talent?

Why Modern Talent for hiring Social Media Influencers?

61% of marketers agree that it’s challenging to find the best influencers for a campaign. Leave it to us to bridge that gap, and connect you with popular Social Media Influencers in your area. Not only will they post quality content that will reach your target audience, they will respond to comments and questions on their posts, creating positive buzz and engaging conversation!