What Makes the Best Brand Ambassador?

two female brand ambassadors

At Modern Talent, we are proud to have an incredible team of Promotional Models, Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, Trade Show Models, and Influencers representing us and the brands that we work with. Many members of our team are veterans who have been working events with us for years, and are perfect examples for incoming members of the Modern Talent team to represent what makes the best Brand Ambassador!

So… What makes the best Brand Ambassador?

Natural Sales Ability – Having a natural ability to read body language and connect with people to sell them a product or service will go a long way in finding success in the promotions industry. Being outgoing is a must, and the ability to strike up a conversation with a stranger, and speak eloquently and confidently about what they’re selling to a consumer. People buy products from someone that they like. Having the charm, and the natural ability to get a customer to make a purchase that they weren’t planning to make because of a conversation with a Brand Ambassador is a huge plus!

Flexibility – There will be events at all different times and days of the week. It’s important for a Brand Ambassador to be aware of their work and personal schedule, and only be booked for events that they know that they will be available and on time for. Being flexible with any small changes at an event, and being able to adapt efficiently shows that the Brand Ambassador cares about making sure each event runs smoothly and is an overall success for the brand being represented.

Communication Skills – It’s so important for the Brand Ambassador to keep management at Modern Talent in the loop about any changes at an event, as well as making sure that they are responding quickly when they are reached out to by phone or email. The Lead Brand Ambassador makes sure that everyone else who is booked is in communication with each other and is on the same page with running an event perfectly. Including figuring out a meeting spot/place for setup, coordinating outfits, and carpooling if necessary.

Attention to Detail – The best Brand Ambassadors don’t leave any event half-finished. When setting up or taking down for a shift, the Brand Ambassador makes sure that every POS and display piece is being used and is eye-catching for consumers. They always have a clean and organized space that is inviting and clearly shows each product being tested or sampled, and leave the space being used even tidier than when they arrived for setup. When it comes to completing a recap after an event, they make sure that they use high quality and bright photos to showcase to the client, as well as including detailed answers about how the event went and the responses that they had from consumers. During these times of COVID, they are extra attentive to making sure that they are following health & safety protocols, their area is sanitized, and hand sanitizer is readily available for all consumers!

Reliability – Being a reliable Brand Ambassador is the quickest way to earn trust at Modern Talent, and showing reliability results in getting booked for the most sought-after events to work!

Being reliable means showing up (and ready!) to the scheduled booking 15 minutes before the event begins, and staying for the entire duration of the time that the Brand Ambassador is booked. We understand that life happens, and there may be a time that a Brand Ambassador is in a situation that is out of their control where they aren’t able to come to their scheduled event. They are still able to show that they are reliable by letting Modern Talent know right away of their situation, so that another team member can be booked and prepared in time for the event.

Willingness to Learn Brand Ambassadors aren’t just experts in one brand, they are brand champions for all of our clients who continue to work with us. A great Brand Ambassador will take the steps necessary to educate themselves on the brands that they are representing, and read all the necessary material. By having the willingness to learn, the Brand Ambassador is always prepared to speak confidently with consumers at an event in order to have successful sales, and be able to answer any questions. If a Brand Ambassador doesn’t know the answer to a question about a product, they will figure out the answer as quickly as possible!

We appreciate all the hard work from our team members at Modern Talent, and our continued success in the promotions industry wouldn’t be possible without them. Their dedication to providing top tier service, and making sure that each event is executed beautifully from start to finish never goes unnoticed!

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