How to Make Sure Your Event is Perfectly Executed

There is a lot that goes into planning an event. Whether it’s a bar promotion, trade show, brand launch, an in-store tasting, or any other gathering… there is strategic planning and time that is involved. Because of this, the Promotional Model that is booked for an event of any size is expected to execute the event flawlessly while confidently educating consumers on the brand that they are representing. Here are a couple of the important factors that go into running the perfect event!



Timing is EVERYTHING- The time that you arrive is the first impression that the account and client will have of the Brand Ambassador. It’s so crucial to be punctual and arriving to the event that you’re booked for 15 minutes early. Coming to an event at the time that it starts is considered being late, and makes you and your agency look unprofessional.

Knowing Your Location

Being aware of where your event is located goes alongside with timing. It’s important for a Promotional Model to prepare for an event ahead of time by looking up the location and how long that it will take them to get there. Also knowing what available parking there is, and planning ahead if they need to set aside some extra time to find a parking spot or a parking ramp. If there is little to no parking available, sometimes it’s best to take an Uber so that less time is wasted on finding a parking spot and walking to the account.

Have Materials Ready

It is important to have all of the POS items and sample bottles you are going to need for a promotion right there ready to go. Never arrive to an event or trade show unorganized or missing important materials that you need to sell a brand. The promotion is certain to run smoothly if the Promotional Model makes sure to have everything that they need beforehand. Revisiting the detailed information about the promotion the day of, and knowing what the goals of the event are, is beneficial for everyone.

Know Your Contacts

You can run into several problems during a promotion. A Promotional Model should know exactly who they need to contact in an emergency BEFORE they arrive to the promotion. This will help eliminate any problems or issues that the Brand Ambassador may face. Also, Modern Talent’s Promotional Models are required to call the account ahead of time to make sure managers and other employees of the account know that a promotion will be taking place.

Presenting Yourself

The way you that a Promotional Model portrays themself reflects directly on the client that they are representing, as well as Modern Talent. Presentation is not just limited to making sure that hair and makeup is done, and their clothes are appropriate and clean; but it’s also about the Model’s knowledge of the brand, and presenting the product. As always, one of the most important qualities of a great Promotional Model is always maintaining an enthusiastic and positive attitude throughout the entire promotion.

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