Steps to Incorporate Fitness into your Daily Life

Now that we are getting into the month of March and spring is coming shortly, how is everyone’s fitness New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you’re still actively engaged in your fitness goals for 2018, congratulations! Studies show that 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolution by February.

Coming up with a specific New Year’s resolution and actually sticking with that specific goal is very challenging. Especially while at the same time living your life of socializing with friends and family, working promotions and events, and possibly studying for final exams all at the same time.

It’s common to have a “love/hate” relationship with working out. We all need a day for a break, and that’s OK. There are actually many ways that you can easily incorporate exercise into your daily life that will make us feel good, without having to set aside time every single day to go to your gym!

Go for a walk with your roommate(s)

After a long day of work, instead of hitting the couch right away…ask your significant other or your roommate to go on a walk with you. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but adding in the effortless exercise at the end of the day will be beneficial and it will feel great to get some fresh air and to get in those extra steps. If you have a dog, it’s a great opportunity to take your dog for a longer walk than normal. Your body will thank you, and so will your pooch!

Take the more challenging route

It can definitely be agreed that we all would rather take the elevator than walk up a few flights of stairs, or try and find a spot to park in the closest spot next to the store. But incorporating more activities into your day-to-day lifestyle means more calories burned over time. Breaking old, lazier habits can be challenging, but it can be worth it to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Park at the back of the lot so you have to walk further to get to your in-store demo or bar promotion. If your Modern Talent shift is in your neighborhood, set aside extra time to walk there instead of driving. (If you feel safe doing so)

The easiest habit that you can break is to always take the stairs over the elevator. Stair climbing is a great workout, and will help make your legs look great!

Choose a healthy lunch 

When you’re getting yourself to add more fitness and exercise into your daily routine, sometimes it feels like you can’t eat out over the option of making a healthy sandwich or salad at home. This doesn’t always have to be the case. No matter what city you’re located in, whether you’re a Minneapolis-based Promotional Model, or a Fargo-based Brand Ambassador, there are always healthy options when deciding to eat out over making a meal at home.

A significant number or Modern Talent’s Promotional Models are based in the Twin Cities. A great option for a place to eat that is local to Minneapolis, and has an entire menu of healthy options is Crisp & Green. It’s minimalist atmosphere is designed for people who either have time to sit down, or are on the go. Their rice bowls and salads are customizable to your diet, and if you’re really in a hurry there is another menu of delicious smoothies that will give you the energy needed for a long day!

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