Important Skills That a Promotional Model Should Have – Beyond Looks!

The first thought that most people have when it comes to imagining a Promotional Model and the work that they do, is the way that they look. Most people will be picturing a young woman in her early 20s who is very attractive, tall, has curves in all the right places, and is in runway model shape. In reality though, Modern Talent’s Promotional Models go beyond the typical stereotype.

Being a successful Promotional Model in today’s market goes beyond just outward beauty. Although self-care and maintenance of our appearance can be considered a lifestyle skill, there is so much more to just the way somebody looks to be successful in this industry.

The work that Promotional Models do is very different than the work of a print model. There at times can be a few similarities; however, the work that a Promotional ModelTrade Show Model, or Brand Ambassador does during their average work day plays a massive role in marketing and the idea of brand awareness. Some of the main objectives of promo work is to interact with customers or guests, and educating them about the brand that they are promoting, adding an overall personal touch to a brand. They help tremendously to increase the amount of exposure of a brand and its sales.

If you are someone who is thinking about starting a career in part-time or full-time promotional work, or you are trying to become a more skilled and experienced Promotional Model, there are a few key qualifications and skills that are the most important to focus on before you begin your first (or for your next) promo shift. Here are some of the main skills that Modern Talent believes make the strongest Brand Ambassadors on our nationwide team:

1. Understanding how to Communicate

Good communication is all about interacting with someone in a way that they understand the message that you are trying to convey, as well as listening to the other person intently, and giving appropriate responses at the right time. Communication is NOT about how much you can talk in a short period of time so you can talk to the next consumer in line, or how long a conversation with someone lasts. In reality, good communication is about what the consumer learns about a brand at the end of a conversation, and the lasting impression that a customer has about the product you are educating them on.

2. Understanding the Sales Process

 When working an event in which the product that is being sampled and promoted is for retail sale, the Promotional Model must be aware of who their target audience is, and is able to be warm and welcoming to the consumer while inviting them to try the product. When the attention of the consumer is gained, this is when the Brand Ambassador would be informative about what the brand is, and why they should try it. While the consumer is sampling the product, this would the best time to talk about the key interesting facts about the product such as where it comes from, how it’s made, and what flavor notes are in it. Knowing the background and history of a brand, as well as what it is that makes the particular brand unique and special, will drive the consumer to be much more likely to buy the product being sampled. This type of sales process will lead to a higher volume of sales from the Promotional Model once the event is completed!

3. Understanding the Consumer

Having “people skills” is essential to be a successful Brand Ambassador for Modern Talent. In the Promotional Modeling industry, there will be exposure to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Although most consumers a Promo Model will talk to during a shift will be pleasant and respectful, there could be times where a person is rude or irritating. Although this type of behavior is unacceptable, a Brand Ambassador should understand that this is part of the job of working around people, and they should be able to always take the “high road” when it comes to rude comments from consumers, and handle difficult situations confidently and professionally.

Looks do play an important role in Promotional Model work, but there is so much more to this type of work than just outward appearance. Beyond the way a Promotional Model looks, the main focus is his or her overall image, presentation, and their self-care. All of these factors that go into being a successful Promo Model are extremely important when presenting themselves to a client and to a crowd of consumers.

Brand Ambassadors always come off the most professional and approachable when they are dressed professionally and in appropriate attire for their event. This means that:

  • They have their hair washed and styled neatly.
  • For women, their makeup is done and looks glamorous, but also natural looking.
  • Their clothes are correctly coordinated with the other Brand Ambassadors or Trade Show Models working, from their tops, to the type of shoes that they are wearing.
  • Clothes are clean, not wrinkled, and fit appropriately. Meaning that clothing pieces are not too baggy but also not too tight.
  • They are upbeat, positive, and smiling. They are truly excited to educate the guests at an event of any size!

The way a Promotional Model presents themselves at an event will be the first thing that a consumer will notice. However, just a few moments later, the consumer or guest at an event will notice their communication skills, sales skills, and overall people skills. All of these skills are necessary to be successful in this industry. Having excellent sales, communication, and people skills is something that is noticed quickly by Modern Talent, and will result in getting booked for the best events!

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