What Makes a Good Leader?

There are many traits that Modern Talent looks for in a great Promotional Model or Brand Ambassador. Being professional, possessing an outgoing and positive attitude, and having an overall hard work-ethic are only a few of the personality traits that are important in being successful in a promotional modeling career.

Among these traits that make a talented Promotional Model stand out amongst the competition, having the ability to lead is one that is extremely important. Leadership is an important trait to have in all types of business settings because it shows that the individual has the ability to take initiative and is able to think strategically while seeing the group’s goals and working extra hard to achieve them. So that everyone working an event, no matter what the size, is successful from start to finish.

Modern Talent recognizes who their leaders are among their “veteran” Models, and these individuals are given the role of Lead Promotional Model at events, tradeshows, bar promotions, and in-store product demos to turn that extra initiative into action with management, staff, and consumers. These leaders make sure that events that they are working with one or more Promotional Model are running efficiently and smoothly.

Although there are many ways that someone can prove their leadership abilities in a work setting, there are some leadership traits that are more important than others while working specifically in the promotional modeling industry.

Here are some of the most important traits of someone who has the potential to be a great Lead Promotional Model for Modern Talent:

  1. Communication: Being able to communicate with coworkers to plan ahead and coordinate before meeting at the event they are booked for is crucial for the success of the promotion. Figuring out matching attire, as well as parking/meeting locations in order to walk into an event together will get rid of any confusion and miscommunication. Using proper communication tools and planning ahead proves that the Promotional Models are well-prepared to work.
  2. Confidence: Being confident during a shift is key, and having the background knowledge on the product being promoted will help the Brand Ambassador confidently speak with consumers about it. Being confident is an extremely necessary trait in being an effective leader, because things won’t always run as smoothly as we plan them to, and that’s where our best leaders come into play. They will put out the fires while remaining calm and assuring the team that setbacks can be fixed and keeping the key objective to keep working and moving forward, so that everyone else on the team feels the same way.
  3. Commitment: Lead Promotional Models know the ropes, they are experienced in the industry and have proven time and time again that they are committed to maintaining a professional and positive reputation for Modern Talent. Being a committed leader means to lead by example by working hard, being reliable and ALWAYS on time, and continuing to take the “extra mile” by making sure that each event that they are booked for is executed beautifully.

Finding those leaders for your business that are committed to working hard, want to learn new things, staying on top of tasks, all while helping the whole team succeed are valuable and will result in many positive benefits for your company in the long run!

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