Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

We all know people who are extremely organized- and wonder HOW they seem to always have their life/schedule all together while maintaining a social life, and even fitting time to go to the gym multiple times a week. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what commitments you have made, and which days you have scheduled events.

People are not born organized, they simply teach themselves how to become more organized, and continue to make a habit out of it in their every-day life. When juggling one or more jobs, remembering to pay bills, maintaining your relationships, and having side hobbies… it seems impossible to remember every important date and event on your schedule.

Becoming a more organized person takes some effort to make into a habit, but I have some tips and tools that are very helpful to help an unorganized person figure out how to organize their calendar and planner, as well as their work and social life, which will lead to far less confusion and stress in the future!

  1. Keep EVERYTHING written down: If you are a beginner in wanting to keep your life more organized, simply writing things down such as appointments, deadlines, due dates, and promotions and in-store demo shifts in a planner or notebook is extremely helpful. Although Modern Talent uses PopBookings for scheduling that has automatic reminders, writing dates of events down will help organize your personal calendar. There are so many options for planners of all kinds and for all types of organizational needs on Amazon, and at Target or Office Max. By writing down things that you should remember, you have a far better chance of remembering to get it done or preparing for a deadline or scheduled event. Trying to remember everything in your memory is NOT effective, you will not remember everything that way.


  • Declutter and downsize on a regular basis: When your bedroom, car, office, and closet are unorganized, you will feel the same way. Make a habit out of going through your bedroom, car, and closet once a week to keep it clean and uncluttered. Get rid of clothes and shoes that you no longer wear and donate them to Goodwill or sell them for some extra cash at a local consignment shop. The more decluttered your living space is, the clearer your mind will be.



  • STOP procrastinating: We all know how difficult this habit can be to break. Nobody wants to do their homework or work on a huge work project when you’d rather be doing other things. However, waiting until the last minute to finish important tasks will only result in unnecessary stress. Like I had mentioned earlier, writing down deadlines will help in making a habit out of being more organized. Writing a “to-do” list to remind yourself of important deadlines and projects coming up will get you in the mindset to accomplish goals and tasks before they are due, and crush them! Getting things done the night before they are due will most likely result in sloppy work that you won’t be as proud of if you had organized your time better to do a quality job.


Remember, good habits such as being someone who is organized will take some time to form, but will be even harder to break. An organized life is a happy life!

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