Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Working in the Promotional Modeling Industry takes energy. While working a promo, in-store demo, or event for Modern Talent, it’s crucial to keep energy levels high. It’s important that Promotional Models maintain a highly engaged, fun, productive and professional image for consumers and account staff. A spirited and peppy Promotional Model shows that they are taking their job seriously, and also raises the mood for everyone interacting with our staff!

At times, it is difficult to find that extra boost of energy after a day of being in class or at a daytime job. Events and Promos are most often in the late afternoon or evening, meaning that sometimes a Brand Ambassador needs to refuel with a little bit of caffeine to increase productivity, which then leads to higher sales.

There are multiple ways that we can energize ourselves with the help of caffeinated beverages. The most popular options to get ourselves energized is either coffee or energy drinks. Both the coffee and energy drink markets are large and growing. There are countless different options to choose from, including energy “shots” such as Five Hour Energy. Coffee and energy drinks are completely different products made from completely different ingredients that are supposed to have the same end result, which is higher energy and alertness.

When deciding whether to have a cup of coffee or to pick up an energy drink from the cooler at the nearest gas station, there are a few important things to consider when comparing the two beverages.

Ingredients: Most energy drinks contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body if consumed in high amounts. These ingredients include an excess of B Vitamins, Taurine, sugar and sugar substitutes, and Guarana. In comparison to the ingredients in most energy drinks, coffee comes from natural grown coffee beans, and contain at least 1,000 natural compounds in the beans, and 300 more are created in the roasting process. One of these natural compound ingredients in coffee includes antioxidants, which has many benefits for the body.

Side Effects: The most common side effects of energy drinks and energy “shots” are stomach irritation, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and an abnormal heart rate. In serious cases, consuming energy drinks has resulted in hospitalization from the side effects. When it comes to drinking coffee, the most common side effects are heartburn, increase of anxiety, and insomnia.

Although these side effects aren’t experienced by every consumer, drinking either of the beverages in moderation will better the chances of not experiencing any negative side effects.

Everyone needs energy during the day to be productive and get work done. Getting a good night sleep and being well-rested is the most important factor in making sure that our bodies are energized and will do wonders for our energy levels. We all need that “pick-me-up” at some point in the day, especially before a promotion, tasting, tradeshow, or event. When choosing what to drink to get that extra boost of energy, consider what will be the best option for you and your health!

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