How to Pair Your Wine Like a Pro

There are many different occasions and gatherings where everyone drinks wine. Holidays, birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduations…the list goes on and on. Whether you are a wine “expert” or just beginning to start trying different wines, it can be overwhelming to be in a liquor store, bar, or at a wine tasting and looking at all the different types of wine and different colors that they all are. When wandering and getting lost through the isles of the liquor store, looking at all of the countless bottles perfectly lined up on all the shelves, it can be intimidating, time consuming and even frustrating at times to figure out the perfect wine to bring to a party, or to just enjoy with your dinner that you’re making at home.

Each type of wine can be “paired” with different types and flavors of food. Whether it’s meat, cheese, pasta, soup or anything else you can imagine to eat, there is the perfect type of wine that will go perfectly with it. The concept and knowledge of “Wine Pairing” is the process of pairing different food dishes with different kinds of wine to enhance your “wining and dining” experience!

Our Wine Professionals at Modern Talent would be more than happy to help out a fellow wine lover find that perfect wine to go with their meal. Wine pairing is like an art that can easily be mastered. Basically, pairing wines with food that goes well with it will have complementary components, richness, and textures. If you don’t already have any background knowledge on wine pairing, I have some of the basic pairing tips for popular types of wine to help figure out what wine will go best for your next gathering or a night in with a homemade meal.

Champagne: For an event such as New Year’s Eve or a graduation celebration, champagne and sparkling wines are extremely popular amongst the guests. Champagne complements the best with salty foods like pretzels or chips, especially if the champagne is dry like a brut. The saltiness in the food will make the champagne taste more refreshing.

Recommended: Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Sauvignon Blanc: If you’re planning on having a “lighter” meal such as a salad with a tangy vinaigrette, light fish, or green vegetables, a sauvignon blanc is the wine to go for. The citrus flavors in this wine complements best with grassy flavors, tart flavors and a zesty spice!

Recommended: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Chardonnay: A lightly oaked Chardonnay is a great choice for a “crowd pleaser” wine. A crisp Chardonnay pairs very well with a buttery salmon meal, as well as chicken, pork, and/or pasta with a creamy sauce. When choosing a salad with this type of wine, go for a cheese-based salad, such as the always popular Caesar salad!

Recommended: Château St. Michelle Chardonnay

Pinot Noir: A pinot noir is a great option to bring to a gathering, because it is known to be versatile for pairing with a variety of foods. Another great thing about it is that it can be served room temperature or chilled. The light-bodied Pinot Noir pairs well with roasted chicken, pork, and vegetables, especially mushrooms.

Recommended: Josh Cellars Pinot Noir

Cabernet: This full-bodied, rich, and complex red wine is perfect with meals that are meaty and richer sauces in texture. Bring a bottle of Cabernet to a steak dinner, or enjoy with a burger. Cabernet is a great choice of wine in the fall and winter because it pairs well with comfort food such as beef chili or stew.

Recommended: 19 Crimes Cabernet

To further educate yourself on the concept of wine pairing, there are many resources that are available online, as well as books at your local liquor store that are available to purchase. The book What to Drink with What You Eat is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble and is also a great source for recipe ideas and finding a wine that best pairs with your meals!  

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