Let’s Not Forget about Fargo

Although Modern Talent is a Minneapolis-based agency, we provide Promotional Models, Trade Show Models, Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, and Samplers in many parts of the United States. One of our biggest markets besides Minneapolis and Chicago for Promotions and Liquor Samplings in particular is the beautiful city of Fargo, North Dakota.

What exactly is in Fargo, North Dakota? The answer is…. A lot of things! There is actually a lot to do and great perks about living in the city of Fargo. Our lovely Promotional Models who live in Fargo are in love with the North Dakota city, and we understand why they are!

North Dakota State: Many of our Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors live in Fargo because they are college students at North Dakota State University (Home of the Bison) This D1 University is the home of a legendary football team, has a fun and lively atmosphere, and provides many options for different majors and career paths. Having a job with Modern Talent is a great resume builder for college students who are looking pursue a career in sales or marketing upon graduation!

Golf Courses: There are a total of five different courses to golf on in Fargo. Although the state is known for being flat, the golf courses are a beautiful and scenic spot to spend the day with friends, coworkers, and family! Most of these courses are open to the public, so if you are looking to stop in Fargo for a few days, golfing is a wonderful option for something to do! (In the spring, summer, and fall of course)

Recommended: Edgewood Municipal Golf Course

Downtown Fargo: There are countless options of dining, shopping, salons, breweries, and more located in downtown Fargo. There are two breweries that are highly recommended by the locals, which are Drekker Brewing Company as well as Fargo Brewing Company, which is Fargo’s oldest and largest brewery. There are many restaurants that have delicious options for pizza, sandwiches, small plates, and everything in between. One of the favorite restaurants in Fargo is The Toasted Frog. They are known for their fried pickle appetizer, as well as their long list of incredible martinis. If you are planning on traveling to Grand Forks while in Fargo, there is another Toasted Frog there as well!

Nightlife: Believe it or not, Fargo has quite the nightlife scene, especially on the weekends. Like I had previously mentioned, downtown Fargo has plenty of options for bars and restaurants to go to to be a part of the social scene. Some of the popular nightlife bars in Fargo that are popular among college students, especially before Bison Football games (which are located at the Fargodome) are Rick’s Bar and Chub’s Pub & Package Place.

Next time you are planning a road trip, or want to take a weekend getaway somewhere you’ve never been before, consider traveling to Fargo, North Dakota. You may even be lucky enough to spot one of our Promotional Models working hard at the local liquor stores such as Happy Harry’s, and at some of the best bars in town!

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