Best Places to Shop When You are a Promotional Model

If you are someone who enjoys always dressing nice and put-together, and also have a passion for makeup and fashion, being a Promotional Model for Modern Talent is a great job to have!

Modern Talent takes pride in their Models. Everyone who joins the Modern Talent team (no matter what market they are in) are interviewed by the Operations Manager before they begin working, go through online training, as well as a shadowing shift with an experienced Model before being on their own. Modern Talent also stands out by having well-dressed and presentable Models who are passionate about what they do and what they are educating consumers about.

For most of Modern Talent’s In-Store Product Demos, Trade Shows, and Wine Tastings, the Models are assigned all-black business professional attire. Sometimes, it’s difficult to find cute and trendy black clothing that is a good value and will last a long time. From experience with shopping for plenty of black professional clothes that are cute as well as comfortable while standing, I have some ideas of places to shop that has the best selection for black tops and bottoms (shoes too, of course!)


Express is such a great option for shopping for black clothes for both men and women. They always have great deals and an amazing sale section in the back of the store. Express does an incredible job of keeping up with trends, rotating their clothes quickly (they go on sale fast!). One of the best part about Express as a store is that their clothes are of good quality, and won’t hurt your wallet either. It’s important to wear clothes that fit just right to get the most out of the style of clothing and to be comfortable, and there are a wide range of sizes that Express provides to make sure you find the right size.

Forever 21:

If you’ve ever been inside of a Forever 21 store, especially if you’ve been brave enough to go inside the Mall of America location, it’s a HUGE store. Although it can seem overwhelming and crowded, the silver lining is that there are so many clothes to choose from to fit the dress code for all kinds of promotions and events. They often separate their clothes by style and color, making it easier to spot the section of black professional clothing. They have a great selection of trendy and form-fitting blazers that are set at a very reasonable price point, and are perfect for wine tastings! Most of the time there is also a large amount of employees working that are happy to help point you in the right direction so that you are able to find what you are looking for. Another plus about Forever 21 is that they have an abundant jewelry selection, which includes subtle earrings and necklaces that are subtle and trendy.


DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) is a great option for a store to visit when shoe shopping. Owning a pair of black pumps, black booties, and black flats are all necessary staples for your professional wardrobe for Modern Talent events and bar promotions. DSW is an amazing store because it’s wide open, and you’re able to spot what you’re looking for from a distance! It’s hard not to miss the sale section toward the back, where you can find some great deals on different styles of heels and boots. The best part is all the shoes are designer brands at a lower price point!

Of course, there are other great options for stores to shop at to make sure you are always looking your best when working your next event. Some other stores that are worth stopping in to check out are Banana Republic, H&M, Zara, and Target!

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