How Body Language Affects Sales Goals

Our Promotional Models at Modern Talent are charismatic, outgoing, and friendly with the customers that they are communicating with. Along with being friendly and educational on a product that is being demonstrated at an event, body language from a salesperson is a huge factor in the way a person is perceived by a consumer. Non-verbal communication is just as, if not more important than the verbal conversation that our Brand Ambassadors are having with customers. There are little changes that a salesperson can make to be more aware and conscious of their body language while they are working, or in any other social situation!

To be more specific about what exactly our body language is, it is simply our body movements, posture, as well as our head and hand movements. Since a first impression of someone will always be based on what mood that they appear to be in, a good salesperson can turn into a great one just by improving their posture, gestures, and movements to engage in better conversation with a consumer. By making small changes in our body language, it will add an even more positive and friendly vibe to the encounters with consumers. Did you know that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated? By just being aware of how you are being perceived from your body language, it is almost certain that personal sales goals will be easier to reach!

Our posture reflects our emotion, attitude, and our intentions. When trying to sell a product, no matter what that product is, it’s important to be conscious of how we appear to others. Little things that sometimes we don’t even notice that we are doing gives off a negative first impression to a person. These include folding arms while standing, looking down or looking at your phone, and having a resting face where no positive emotion is being shown.  These actions are considered to be “closed” body language. Nobody wants to talk to someone who looks like they don’t want to be approached. Although we can’t always help what our facial expression is because we aren’t always looking at ourselves in a mirror, it makes a world of a difference to be smiling and inviting to customers rather than stoic and looking uninterested. Any customer walking into a store would much rather want to approach someone who is open and inviting, facing them, and appears eager and excited to educate them on a product.

Being the right distance away from a customer will also make an impact on how comfortable they feel interacting with a new person. Standing too far away from someone is both awkward and makes it hard for there to be any substantial conversation between the Promotional Model and the consumer. Standing at the right personal distance where facial expressions and eye movements can be easily be seen and interpreted by others is the most beneficial when engaged in a conversation while showing positive and “open” body language!


Whether a person is trying to sell a product or service, or is trying to improve the way that they are perceived by others in their personal and dating life, making positive changes to your overall non-verbal body language by becoming more aware of posture, facial expression, and movements can make the world of a difference in success when interacting with people you just met.

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