Common Myths of the Promotional Modeling Industry

If you have ever attended a Trade Show of any kind, a launch party for a new product or service, a bar, or any other live event, chances are that you have seen or had a conversation with a Promotional Model. These outgoing, fun, attractive men and women are staffed to grab the consumer’s attention, educate them on the product or service that they are promoting, and leave a positive lasting impression leading to more word-of-mouth business and marketing. Statistics show that 74% of consumers identify word-of-mouth advertising as a key influencer in their purchasing decision. Promotional Models are becoming a more and more popular form of advertising, and are an incredibly useful and impactful asset for any event.

The Promotional Modeling Industry has been around for decades, and is a marketing strategy that is used all around the world. As popular as this industry is continuing to become, there are many common misconceptions that people have about what exactly Promotional Modeling involves.

Myth #1: Men Cannot Be Promotional Models:

While it is true that most of our Promotional Model staff are women, we also have men that are Models for Modern Talent. There are many opportunities for men to work In-Store Demos, Bar Promotions, Trade Shows, Wine Tastings, and more.

Just like Modern Talent’s women Promotional Models, we hold the same standard for male talent that they MUST be reliable, outgoing, and friendly in order to continuously be booked for events.

Myth #2: It’s an “Easy” Job:

“Don’t Promotional Models just stand around and hand out free samples and look pretty?”

I’ve heard this statement before, and it couldn’t be more wrong. Promotional Models are booked as a voice for the brand that they are representing, and are fully educated on what they are promoting. Some Promotional Modeling shifts can be 8+ hours long of standing and walking around while talking to countless people, which takes a lot of energy and stamina. Not everyone is able to keep a smile on their face for THAT long of a period of time. Especially when wearing high heels or being outside in the freezing winter months or hot summer. Not so easy!

Myth #3: Promotional Models Only Dress in “Skimpy” Attire

Although there may be certain events where the company will want their Promotional Model to wear a bathing suit, or tight and revealing attire, but it is not always the case. Most of the time, the Model will be assigned to wear black bottoms with a logo t-shirt or tank, an athletic-type jersey for sport focused events, or other not so revealing types of outfits. When a Model is invited to an event on PopBookings, they are already aware of what kind of attire that will be worn before they apply to be booked. That way, a Promotional Model won’t be booked for something where they wouldn’t feel comfortable.

Myth #4: You Need to Have Modeling Experience

If you have already worked as a Model or Promotional Model in the past, that’s great!

However, already having experience in the Promotional Modeling industry is not necessary to be booked for events with Modern Talent. Most people who want get into Promotional Modeling are already outgoing, good with people, and are passionate about their work. If someone has experience as a bartender or waiter/waitress, or worked in the retail industry, those are excellent skills and past experience to bring up in an interview for a Promotional Modeling job!

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