The Dos and Don’ts of the Promotional Modeling Industry

Becoming a Promotional Model for a great company has many perks. There’s the opportunity to promote some amazing brands, getting to travel, and making connections and great friends along the way. Many of the contractors for Modern Talent are also in college or have a full-time or other part-time job, which proves the flexibility of being part of Modern Talent’s team. The pay is a huge plus too!

After making the decision to create a PopBookings profile and join the Promotional Modeling industry (Yay!), there may be some confusion about how the industry works. Getting booked for the best promotions and events is competitive, and it can be frustrating to see on social media that you’re not at the promotion you wanted to be booked for. We have some tips to help make a Promotional Model stand out on their PopBookings profile and make a positive impression to Modern Talent, leading to getting booked for the best events!


Update Your Talent Profile: This is one of the most important things that a Promotional Model can do to help them get booked for promotions. There are a few key things to remember when creating and making changes to your talent profile. Update photos often, and make sure they are of good quality and proper lighting. Also, use a variety of photos in your profile such as headshots, body shots, and mid-body shots that give a clear image of what you look like. If you change your hair color, remember to update that on your talent profile as well, so that your agency and client aren’t confused when getting photos back from an event you were booked for. Remember, make sure that the photos look like you do in person, and don’t be afraid to be yourself!

Complete Your Recaps On Time:  It’s easy to prove that you are professional and organized by completing your recaps by the time that they are due. It’s good to make a habit of finishing the recap when you get home from your event, so that you don’t accidentally forget to do it later. When uploading photos from the event in the recap, make sure that they are cropped so that there is no “dead space” in the photos, lots of the company’s branding, no red eye (it’s 2017, there are many apps and ways to get rid of red eye in a photo), and that they are of good quality, clear, and bright!

Be Reliable: It’s up to the Promotional Model to get to their event on time wearing proper attire, looking professional, and having a positive work attitude. Modern Talent requires their models to arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for their shift, and to check in to the event via PopBookings so that we know that you have arrived. If the Model is running late for a reason such as traffic or the other millions of reasons someone can become late for work, let your Manager know right away what is going on. Proving that you are a reliable person and showing up on time will result in getting booked more often!


Get Discouraged If You Aren’t Booked: Don’t take it personally and get discouraged if you aren’t booked for an event or promo that you were hoping for. Sometimes for certain events the client is wanting a specific “look” such as brown or blonde hair, or someone that’s a certain height.  Also, most promotional companies will give the best opportunities to their trusted veterans and work newer people in on a trial basis until they prove themselves.

Bombard Your Booking Manager with Texts, Emails, and Phone Calls: You aren’t the only Promotional Model that the Manager is communicating with, and they work hard to always respond to different questions and concerns. They see when a Promotional Model is trying to get in contact, and if they don’t answer right away, give them some time and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Calling, texting, and emailing about the same question is not professional.

Apply For An Event If You Aren’t Available: When you are invited to an event and select that you are available to work, it’s your responsibility to update it if you are no longer available before you are booked. Once you are booked for an event, you can no longer go back and update your availability, and Modern Talent, or the promo company you’re working for is really counting on you to be there.

We hope that these tips are helpful to get ahead and/or improve your Promotional Modeling career. The most important idea to remember is to always have fun while you’re at work (It’s hard not to.), smile, and be outgoing and enthusiastic about the product you’re promoting. When you are professional, you’re helping Modern Talent maintain their professional image as well!

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