Exercise and Success

Exercise. It’s something that most of us have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes we often get so distracted by our work lives that it’s often difficult to find the time in our day to change into our gym clothes, sign up for the spin class you’ve been meaning to take, or lace up your running shoes to hit the treadmill. After you get home from a long day or night of working promotions, laying on your most comfortable couch with a chilled glass of chardonnay often sounds way more appealing than getting sweaty at the gym.

There are countless benefits to exercise, and I’m sure that you’ve heard most of them before. Such as lowering your risk of common health issues, increasing your mood, looking and feeling better, living longer, etc.

But did you know that by finding that time out of your day to hit the gym or the pavement (whichever you prefer) could make a huge difference in not just the way you feel, but also how successful you become in your career?

Modern Talent is always looking for people who are energetic, fit, and ambitious in their careers and love what they are doing. Working promotions, events, and tradeshows takes energy and stamina in order to continue to talk with countless people about the product that the Brand Ambassador is promoting. By fitting exercise into their schedule, it could give someone that extra boost of energy in their day to be extra alert and joyful at an event, resulting in creating more lifelong consumers.

Exercise can be a simple concept. When someone exercises, they are releasing endorphins in their brain which will result in happy feelings and satisfaction, and will improve your overall health and mood. Choosing to start the day by going for a run instead of sleeping in can result in having higher energy during a work shift for Modern Talent because of the endorphins that were released from getting yourself out of bed for a morning workout, leading to higher productivity, which can mean more engagement with customers and better sales!

Having confidence is crucial to be successful. When a person feels good about the way that they look from exercise, they will feel healthier and more confident. Reaching workout goals that you didn’t think were achievable before can switch your mindset from “I can’t do this”, to “next time I can do even better.” This confident mindset can be carried over to while a Brand Ambassador is working an in-store product demo or other event, when they’re trying to reach their personal sales goals for their shift.

Exercising regularly also will bring out a more competitive side that someone may not have had before. Pushing yourself to new workouts and exercise goals is a competition with yourself and trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be. When this competitive mindset rolls over to your work environment, it can result in competing with yourself again as well as the people that are around you to sell the product that you are promoting that day like crazy!

Even though sometimes it’s challenging enough to get yourself out of the comfort of your own bed in the morning to make coffee and get ready for work, taking just thirty minutes to an hour to get up and get moving can make an impact in your mood and your overall success for the rest of your day.

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