Basic Wine Tasting Tips

The subject of wine often seems complex to most people. There are so many different types of grapes that are aged and produced differently and at different altitudes, and the differences between all different types of wine goes on and on. The average customer that comes into a liquor store is most likely only going to think that there are three types of wine (red, white, and rose) and that’s okay, because that’s where our Wine Professionals at Modern Talent become useful to any wine brand.

Our Wine Tasting Professionals at Modern Talent receive extensive professional development on wine brand knowledge and how to specifically sell wine. There are statistics that show the average consumer has a five times better chance of purchasing a wine after trying it, versus not.

For any customer that is coming into a store and gets super excited to see that there is a wine sampling going on, there are a few things to keep in mind when tasting new wines. Wine tastings are a great opportunity to find out about what you like and don’t like in a wine. Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that as a wine customer, you are getting the most out of your wine tasting experience.

Try something new: Go out of your comfort zone when tasting new wines. Are you someone that can only drink sweet white wine such as moscato? This is the perfect opportunity to be bold and try out a chardonnay, pinot grigio, or even a merlot if you’re feeling extra adventurous. Samples are free, therefore you won’t be losing out on anything if you end up not liking the wine that you tried.

Ask questions: Our Wine Professionals have the knowledge and are informative and approachable for any questions that you may have about a certain wine that you are trying. It’s their job to know the details about each wine that they are sampling, and they are happy to answer any questions that a customer has.

Remember the 4 important steps to drinking wine: Don’t just knock the wine back (even if you’ve had a long day). You will get the most out of your wine sampling experience if you remember to follow the 4 important steps.

  1. Look – Look at the color of the wine. Is it a light red or a dark red? Cloudy or clear? Watery or dark?
  2. Swirl – Next, you will want to lightly swirl the wine in your sample cup/wine glass. When you do this the more droplets of wine that cling to the inside of the glass indicate a higher alcohol content. It will tell you if the wine is light-bodied to heavy-bodied.
  3. Smell – Bring the wine sample up to your nose so that you can smell the aromas coming from it. You will be able to get a second impression of the wine and pick up on familiar scents.
  4. Sip – This is the best part. Remember to slowly sip, and not gulp down the wine. Let it sit in your mouth for a moment to take in the flavors of the wine.

Take photos/notes: In love with the new wine that our Wine Professional gave you a sample of? Great! Take it home and enjoy with your family and friends (or just yourself). If you like it but you can’t buy the bottle that day, that’s okay too. It’s a good idea to write down notes on the name of the wine brand and type of wine that you tried. Also, take a photo of the brand you enjoyed on your phone, so that you can remember it for next time you need to pick up a bottle!

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