Football Season and Promotions!

Now that the Summer promotional season is winding down and coming to an end, our Promotional Models at Modern Talent are ready and eager to start doing Fall Promotions and in-store demos that cater to the Fall season.

There are many wonderful things about the Fall season in the Midwest. The leaves are changing to beautiful and vibrant colors, the delicious comfort food, pumpkin spiced everything, going to the apple orchard, and of course, football season. Who doesn’t love going to their favorite sports bar with their family and friends to enjoy their favorite beer or cocktail during the football season to watch their beloved team play? Sunday’s are now for NFL football, and it’s a glorious time of year for sports fans!

Our Promotional Models can make any football game day an even more fun and enjoyable experience for consumers at On-Premise bars of all sizes. They can also help bring in a larger crowd by hosting specials on what they are promoting during the game, playing fun games to get the crowd involved, and give the customers at the bar some free samples, prizes, and giveaways while they are enjoying the game. Even the consumers who don’t know a thing about football will be having a great time when there is a promotion going on! (Who doesn’t like free things?!)

As I’m sure that any die-hard NFL fan has heard, Minneapolis will be hosting the 2018 Super Bowl at the new US Bank Stadium, home of the Minnesota Vikings. Super Bowl LII will bring an estimated $407 million in new spending to the Minneapolis metro area. Along with this extreme monetary impact, there will be an estimated 125,400 non Minnesota resident visitors that will be visiting Minneapolis for the big event.

Bar promotions leading up to and during the upcoming Super Bowl would be huge for marketing any alcohol brand. Why? Exposure, exposure, and more exposure. Countless people will be exposed to the branding and sampling of a product, whether they are already familiar with the brand or not. There is a direct association between exposure to alcohol advertising or promotional activity and sales, and that’s where our Brand Ambassadors at Modern Talent come in and become useful for the marketing of any brand during events of all sizes.

With how high of traffic that there will be at countless bars around US Bank Stadium, as well as the entire Metro Twin Cities area this football season to watch both the Minnesota Gophers and Vikings play, having our Promotional Models there to represent a brand will result in making a homey and exciting atmosphere for visiting football fans from all over. Our staff at Modern Talent are engaging, outgoing, attractive, and passionate about the brands that they are educated on, and having them at any sporting event would result in many new lifelong consumers, especially during big events such as the Super Bowl.

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