Wine Selling 101 – How to Make Your Product Stand Out at a Tasting

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Selling a delicious bottle of vino isn’t always as easy as it may seem. It takes real effort to make the product you’re representing stand out amongst the rest. When working at a wine sampling event or liquor store tasting, there are more often than not countless options of different wine brands from all over the world for consumers to choose from, before making their final purchase to head home and enjoy. It’s up to the Wine Professional to make the product that they’re representing stand out at an event. Those fine-tuned and sought after skills start with the basic understanding of marketing wine products, and results in cases of wine flying out the door!

Wine Selling 101

  1. First Impressions

When showing up to your wine tasting that you are booked for, it’s important to look professional and be prepared. Wine Professionals look their part when wearing all black, flattering and well-fitted clothes (not too baggy or too tight), and have their hair nicely done and natural looking makeup that isn’t distracting for consumers. When you look good, you feel good. This gives the Wine Professional real confidence to be approachable to customers with their positive attitude and a genuine smile. People buy from people that they like, and when a Wine Professional gives a great first impression, they are much more likely to increase their wine sales.

  1. Walk the Walk & Talk the Talk

There are thousands of different wine products in a given liquor store during a wine sampling. So why should a customer take the product you’re sampling home with them? The first advantage that you have is that you have a perfectly new bottle open and ready to be sampled, your product is the main focus. Enticing the customer to come sample with you is the beginning step to a sale. While the customer is sampling the different wine(s) at your sampling table, talk with them about each product and give some key points that make the wine unique, such as the backstory of how it was created and/or what food pairings work with what they’re tasting. The customer will be impressed by your wine knowledge, which builds trust between you and the consumer.

  1. Create an Eye-Catching Display

When a Wine Professional shows up to their event and is setting everything up for their shift, it’s important to make the area that they are sampling neat, organized, and aesthetically pleasing for customers. Instead of placing only the sample bottles on the table provided, place four or five bottles of each product behind one another for the customer to see and easily grab a bottle (or more!) after sampling. For any wine that needs to be chilled, make sure to have a sample bottle on ice for the customer to see, as well as a backup bottle chilled and ready to be opened and tasted. Using a black tablecloth will create a simple yet elegant display, and will also make any red wine spills unable to spot!

  1. Ask the Customer Questions

Since you are the Wine Professional and the expert at the tasting, ask the consumers questions as they are sampling your different wine products to help them pick the right choice to take home. Questions such as “what occasion are you looking to buy a bottle of wine for?” or “What are you cooking for dinner tonight?” can create some open dialogue with the consumers, help them find exactly what they came in for, and is a simple yet effective way to close a quick sale.

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