It’s Time to Pop a Bottle for the Holidays!

The holidays are finally here! It’s the best time of the year to spend quality time with your close family and friends, eat delicious food, drink yummy cocktails, play games, decorate the house to make cozy and festive, and repeat beloved annual traditions!

Around the holidays, especially when it comes to New Years celebrations, sparkling wine is often the beverage of choice to bring to a gathering. Whether you are a sparkling wine “expert” or have no idea what any of the differences are between all of them, it can be overwhelming to be in a liquor store, bar, or at a wine tasting and looking at all the different types of sparkling wine and the different aray colors that they all are. When wandering and getting lost through the isles of the liquor store, looking at all of the countless bottles can be intimidating, time consuming and even frustrating at times to figure out the perfect sparkling wine to bring to a party.

Our Wine Professionals at Modern Talent would be thrilled to assist a fellow sparkling wine lover to find that perfect wine to bring to their New Years party or other holiday celebration. There are many different types of sparkling wine that range from sweet to dry, and by sampling different types of these sparkling wines at your local liquor store, it will give you a way better idea of what to bring to your gathering. For an event such as New Year’s Eve, champagne and sparkling wines are extremely popular amongst the guests. You’ll want your first sip of wine of 2018 to be something you and the other party guests will all enjoy! Champagne complements the best with salty foods like pretzels or chips, especially if the champagne is dry like a brut. The saltiness in the food will make the champagne taste more refreshing. If you are the one hosting a gathering, or are asked to bring a snack, bringing a salty treat is your best option!

Here are just a few recommended sparkling wines that our Wine Professionals at Modern Talent sample to customers at local liquor stores!

  1. Sofia: Made at the famous director Francis Ford Coppola’s California winery, this sparkling rose is the perfect bottle to bring to a party, just for the appearance of the bottle alone. The gorgeous bottle comes wrapped in a blush pink wrapping, and is hard to miss in the sparkling wine section of the store. It’s a fantastic sipping wine, and pairs well with a wide variety of foods. Everyone will love the strawberry and light lavender flavor, and has a “kiss of spice” at the finish. This would be a good choice for a crowd of guests who like fruitier, sweeter, and a lighter texture to their sparkling wine.
  2. Mumm Napa Brut Prestige: Mumm Napa is known for their incredible sparkling wines for all types of wine lovers. Mumm Napa Brut Prestige is their signature sparkling wine, that has won the most medals than any other in its class. This would be a great sparkling wine to pop open while people are enjoying hors d’oeuvres such as shrimp cocktail. This is a great choice for a sparkling wine that will be a “crowd pleaser” because of its rich finish and vibrant flavors of citrus and honey!
  3. Ste Michelle Nicolas Feuillatte: This Champagne is also a great option to bring to a New Year’s Eve gathering. It has a fresh and crisp texture to it, and is easy to drink! The quality of this sparkling wine, which was created at the Nicolas Feuillatte winery, is quick to pick up on. Bring along a bottle of this, and it will be gone within minutes after other guests taste the soft character and lemon notes!

If you still can’t decide what kind of bubbly will go over well at your holiday gatherings, check out your local liquor stores, because there’s a good chance that one of our Wine Professionals or Promotional Models from Modern Talent will be sampling all different types of options of sparkling wine to sample during the holiday season!


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