Skills that Reality TV Can Teach You (Seriously!)

It is very true that there are a lot of garbage reality TV shows out there to watch. Although most of us hate to admit it, we’ve all had those days and nights where we don’t leave our couch to do anything productive. On these days, we choose to brainwash ourselves with a marathon of awful (and obviously dramatically scripted) reality TV shows on Bravo, ABC, MTV, E!, or a little mix of all of them.

There are multiple ways that you could look at a reality TV binge. Watching hours of television in one sitting isn’t exactly as productive as getting some work done, answering emails or going to the gym. However, have you ever thought about what our favorite reality television shows have taught us? Has Snooki from Jersey Shore or Yolanda Hadid from Real Housewives taught us skills that we actually use? It’s possible that there are some skills learned from these Bravo binges that we haven’t thought twice about!

Catfish: This popular show on MTV can teach us a lot about the risks of talking to people online that you have never met in person. If you have watched a couple of the intense and emotional episodes, you’d quickly realize that people are often not who they say they are or look like they do in their photos. What we can learn from watching Catfish is that we should be careful about who we talk to (or date) from meeting them online or through a dating app. Anyone can be dishonest about who they really are behind a screen! If you did ever want to meet up with someone you met online, ALWAYS meet them in a public place. When our Promotional Models are working a bar promotion together, we strongly urge them to meet up together before, and walk each other to their vehicles after their shift is over, for their safety.

Jersey Shore: Who could forget about this iconic east coast Italian-American reality show? It was always entertaining to watch the cast’s GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry) lifestyle, and keep up with their dramatic nights out at the New Jersey clubs. Unfortunately, this show is no longer on the air, but there are many lessons to be learned from this overly sun-tanned cast. Basically their only “responsibility” on the show was to show up to their part-time job at a Jersey Shore souvenir shop. Cast member Angelina decided that she didn’t want to go to work, and just didn’t show up! This resulted in her boss firing her, and getting booted off the show entirely. The clear lesson here is to always be a responsible adult and show up to work! At Modern Talent, we take pride in our reliable and trustworthy staff, and there is zero tolerance for being late or not showing up to a shift.

The Bachelor: If you have never watched a season of The Bachelor, or even one episode, I highly recommend watching this rollercoaster of a show! Over twenty women competing for one man…what could go wrong? The Bachelor gets dramatic VERY quickly, there isn’t an episode that has never been aired where someone isn’t crying at some point. Although competing against other women for a man’s love/attention seems wrong, there can be a lot learned from the show. It’s easy to catch on to the women who are jealous of others, and who causes the most unnecessary (but entertaining for viewers) drama. Being confident, assertive, and true to yourself tends to result in getting more roses, and can get you much farther in your life goals/career as well! We think it’s extremely important that our Brand Ambassadors are confident, engaging, and outgoing, because this results in higher brand recognition and a bigger and better impact on an event.

Next time you decide to spend your Sunday being lazy on your living room couch binge watching your favorite reality television shows, don’t feel guilty! (Unless it becomes a habit). Think about the lessons that can be learned from the cast, and how you can apply it to your life and your job in a positive way!

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