Lessons That Only Failure Can Teach You

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” -Wayne Gretzky

Failure, although it hurts to admit at times, is an inevitable part of our lives. We would all like to believe that we won’t ever make mistakes, both in our personal and professional lives. In a perfect world, everything we do would go our way and just the way we plan them to without any setbacks. But at the end of the day, mistakes will be made, and we will all be faced with more than one failure in our lives.

People will face failures that are both big and small. From spilling your coffee on a new shirt, to not making your personal sales goal at your wine tasting, to not receiving an offer for your dream job.

As much as failing puts us in a negative and discouraged mood, having these life-altering moments ultimately make us work harder to reach the level of success we are all striving for. As famous author J.K Rowling once said to a graduating class at Harvard University, “It’s through failure that we learn the greatest lessons that life could teach us.”

Failing seems to be a taboo subject. Everyone loves to hear about successes and how well our family and close friends are doing, but failure is something that many people don’t feel comfortable talking about. Of course we all want to celebrate success, EVERYONE wants to reach success in their lives! But to get there, it takes hard work, goal setting, and falling on your face a couple of times to really learn what to do differently. It’s just not seen as “glamorous” or uplifting to discuss the obstacles and setbacks faced when reaching a goal.

The most successful people have faced failure in their careers. If you really think about it, if you go through life without failing, you really aren’t learning anything at all. It’s how you learn and grow in many aspects of your life, starting at the very beginning. Have you ever seen a baby learning how to walk? They fall down, over and over again. But eventually after much determination and practice, they get back up and find their balance!

The same concept of falling down and getting yourself back up again can be applied to sales and promotions. If sales aren’t where you would like them to be while working a Modern Talent shift, try asking yourself “What could I have said to make the brand I am representing sound even more appealing to the customer?” or  “Would they have bought the product if I was more excited and educational while talking about it?” Understanding what you can do better to improve your sales and brand image are the first steps toward being a successful Brand Ambassador.

There are two different reactions that can happen when facing something that was unplanned: The individual could become discouraged and lose motivation to continue reaching their goal. Or, the individual could take the time to reflect on why they failed, think about what the next steps toward success would be, and work harder and more strategically, learning from their past mistakes.

Be the person who stays determined and finds their balance, and success will follow!

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