The Super Bowl is Coming to Minneapolis!

Whether you’re a hard-core Vikings fan, a fan of another team in the NFL, or you just look forward to Sundays for an excuse to drink bloody mary’s with football playing in the background… I’m sure you’re aware that the Super Bowl for 2018 is going to be held at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN!

This is the first time the Super Bowl will be held at this beautiful new stadium, and Minnesotans are SO excited and proud to be the hosts of this special event. Especially since the Minnesota Vikings are just one step closer to being one of the teams that plays in the game. If the Vikings beat the Eagles this coming weekend, it would be the first time in NFL history to have the hosting team also playing in the Super Bowl. Amazing!

Modern Talent is just as excited as the rest of the Vikings fans and state of Minnesota, because many of our Promotional Models will be able to experience being in the Super Bowl atmosphere, both leading up to and the day of the main event! We are looking forward to our Models having the opportunity to promote Jim Beam the day before and the day of the big game at Grumpy’s next to the stadium!

Never been to Minneapolis before? The first week of February would be the best time to go and experience the beautiful, charming city with great food and hotel options, as well as the nicest locals. “Minnesota nice” is definitely a real thing!

If you’re not planning on getting a ticket into the game, there’s so many places to watch from that will give you just as great of a NFL fan experience. A few downtown Minneapolis places that would be great to check out after stopping at Grumpy’s would be: The Pourhouse, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowboy Jacks, and The Armory, which is the newest nightclub experience in Minneapolis. They will be hosting a Super Bowl party that will have performances by music artists P!nk and Imagine Dragons.

Bars in Minnesota are usually open until 2 a.m. for customers. However, an exception was made JUST for the Super Bowl weekend, and many popular bars will be open two more hours until 4 a.m! Minnesota locals will be taking full advantage of this special occasion, hopefully spending the extra two hours celebrating what will hopefully be a FIRST Vikings Super Bowl victory!

Along with promoting Jim Beam, there’s a good chance if you’re downtown Minneapolis that you’ll see the Models of Modern Talent out promoting Bacardi. We will also be sampling Yellow Tail Wine and Revel Spirits near US Bank Stadium.

Our Promotional Models do not only represent liquor and wine brands, they are always educated and looking forward to teaching consumers about products in many industries across the board. You will also be able to go to visit and talk to our energetic and outgoing Models at Best Buy in the Mall of America, where they will be educating locals (and the out of state football fans) on the newest technology that Best Buy has out on the market! Modern Talent and their Models are proud to be representing this incredible electronics and entertainment company.

Whatever the outcome may be for Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis being the host is very exciting! Modern Talent is looking forward to having their Promotional Models out experiencing this iconic sports event. Being a part of the Modern Talent team makes you realize that work can be fun too!

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