Why College Students Should Consider Promotional Modeling

At Modern Talent, we take pride that our Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, Promotional Models and Trade Show Models are fun, intelligent, outgoing, and professional. Over the years that Modern Talent has been a part of the promotions industry, a majority of our events where we are promoting liquor and wine brands require the Promotional Models to be over the age of 21. Because of this required minimum age to work in a bar or liquor store, many of our Models work for Modern Talent while they are pursuing a college education.

Since Modern Talent is a Minneapolis-based agency, many of our Promotional Models are currently attending college at the University of Minnesota or the University of St. Thomas. Along with colleges that are in Minneapolis, there is a multitude of other college cities where we staff a variety of events. Such as Duluth, St. Cloud, and Mankato Minnesota. We also have opportunities for college students to pick up part-time Brand Ambassador work in Fargo and Grand Forks North Dakota, Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, and Denver Colorado. (Just to name a few!)

There are MANY benefits to working for Modern Talent as a college student. Here are 4 of the top reasons that our staff works with us while continuing their education:

It’s Not Fun Being Broke:

A big part of being a college student is being on a “college budget”. When you aren’t able to spend much money on yourself, it’s tough to pass up on a dinner or night out with your friends, or not being able to buy a new cocktail dress for a formal event. We pay our Promotional Models a starting rate of $25 an hour, and our shifts are normally around three hours long. Picking up just one tasting or bar promotion per weekend would be about an extra $300 a month in your pocket! For someone who is on a tight budget, there is a lot you could do with that extra cash!

Job Experience:

Brand Ambassador work teaches college students how to speak confidently in front of groups of people, and a variety of other skills that can help prepare them for their future careers. Having a job with Modern Talent is a great resume builder for college students who are looking pursue a career in sales, leadership, communication, and/or marketing upon graduation!

Being a Promotional Model is Fun!:

Most jobs while being a college student include working in a library or other on-campus building, or working inconvenient, weekend daytime hours at a store inside of the local mall. How many students can say that they get to go to their favorite college bars, and actually get paid to give out free samples and merchandise, talk about the amazing liquor brand they are representing, and take fun photos?! Not too many!

Making New Friends:

Because our Promotional Model staff is all energetic, outgoing, and fun, there are many new friendships that are made after two or more people are booked for the same shift together. It’s fun to see that many of our Models become friends and hang out together outside of work! For students that are new to their college town and want to get to know people, or just would like to branch out of their social circle, working for Modern Talent is a great opportunity to start new and possibly even lifelong friendships!

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