Have You Been to Boston?

Modern Talent is a Minneapolis-based agency, but we provide Promotional Models, Trade Show Models, Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, and In-Store Product Samplers in several parts of the United States, including the east and west coast!  One of our biggest markets besides the Minneapolis and Chicago metro areas for Promotions and Liquor Samplings in particular is the historic and scenic city of Boston, Massachusetts and its surrounding suburbs!

Boston is one of the most visited cities in the United States. There are plenty of things to do and see that would entertain people of all ages! Being on the east coast of the United States, there are some great perks about living in the city of Boston that you wouldn’t get anywhere else! Our talented Promotional Models who live in Boston as well as the surrounding suburbs love living in the area, and we can completely understand why that is!

University Life: Many of our Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors live in the city of Boston because they are undergraduate or graduate students at one of the many great colleges. Boston is considered to be one of the best college towns in the United States, and is the home of prestigious Universities such as Boston University, Northeastern, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Each of these universities are unique in their own programs and provides many options for different majors and career paths. Having a job with Modern Talent is a fantastic resume builder for college students who are looking to pursue a career in sales, marketing, communication, or public relations upon graduation!

Things to Do: There are countless options of sightseeing, shopping, salons, brew pubs, markets, restaurants, and more located in the beautiful city of Boston. The city itself is known for its tourism and attractions. If you are someone that enjoys going to sports, baseball in particular, be sure to check out or the legendary Fenway Park to watch a Boston Red Sox game! Boston is also known for their tourist attraction of the Freedom Trail, which gives you an educational and hands-on background of the early history of the United States.

Restaurants: If you are a foodie, Boston would be a great place to visit, especially if you are a seafood lover! There are many favored local restaurants in Boston with many diverse food options, so that’s good news for people who don’t enjoy eating from the sea. If you’re looking to have a Boston seafood experience, some of the favorite places in town is The Barking Crab and Neptune Oyster. There are plenty of restaurants that have gorgeous ocean views to sit at to sip cocktails with your friends and family.

Nightlife: Another great thing about the city of Boston is that it caters to people of all ages, lifestyles, and wants. With the city being in a very popular college town, there are nightclubs that will be more catered toward people who are college students looking to have a night out in an outgoing environment. There are also lounges and bars that are more low-key and easy to have conversations amongst one another at. Whether you’d like to have a fancy cocktail and a few appetizers, or a craft beer, there will be a place to go on a night out in Boston that will make you never want to leave!

Next time you are planning a road trip, or want to take a weekend getaway somewhere that you’ve never travelled to before, consider traveling to the east coast and walking around Boston. You may even be lucky enough to spot one of our Promotional Models working hard to educate guests about a product at one of the local liquor stores, as well as at some of the best bars in town!

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