Company Beat: Modern Talent Partnering with PopBookings

Modern Talent is excited to announce our recent partnership with PopBookings!  As a constantly growing and ever-changing promotional staffing agency, we believe that this partnership will keep our agency ahead of the competition and continue to improve not only our talent, but the quality of service that we can offer to our clients.

PopBookings is an innovative promotional staffing tech firm that enables  event-staffing companies to streamline their internal processes in order to provide exceptional service to their clients.  Their simplistic interfaces, app capabilities and database management make finding quality talent and managing staff extremely efficient, which will allow us to devote more time to our clients and better match our talent with their live event needs.  

PopBookings was a finalist for the 2015 Silicon Prairie Awards New Startup of the Year and has quickly gone from a simple idea to an impressive software enterprise.  They were also selected to be one of 10 startup companies to participate in the SparkLabKC program in 2015 that helps fund and accelerate early-stage Internet startups, and since graduating from the program have continued to grow at an impressive rate.  Being a fairly young company ourselves at Modern Talent, we believe that joining forces with PopBookings will increase their user base substantially and strengthen our talent simultaneously.

The primary reason we are making the shift to PopBookings management software is because managing staff remotely can be extremely difficult and time consuming, but they make it efficient and easy.  We also pride ourselves in staffing local talent for our clients, which means we need to use innovative tactics to find talent in many areas that we don’t have teams permanently located in; PopBookings allows us to do so.  PopBookings also allows models and talented people to create and build personal profiles that can be rated by clients and agencies to help boost their chances of finding work.

More importantly than connecting with new talent, we wanted to improve the way we communicate and book our current talent for events.  With PopBookings, users have the ability to  see their events, check the job board, message their agency, and get paid all in one place.  Users can also upload any documents or certifications such as resumes, liquor licenses or tax forms to their profile.  PopBookings also features an easy to use app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

PopBookings has 10 features that they claim “smash the status quo” which includes:

  • Database Management: All inclusive talent profile that gives agencies and users a secure place to store documents and paperwork.
  • Custom-branded talent portal: Communicate with staff, upload logos and use unique URLs.
  • Drag-and-drop scheduling: Assign shifts, delegate roles and share assignments with the push of a button.
  • Geo check-ins: Allows promoters to snap selfies to confirm their arrival to a venue on time.
  • Event dashboard with status alerts: Highlights whether an event is partially booked, fully booked, or live event happening at that moment.
  • 3-way confirmations: Confirms when you’ve invited the talent to participate in an event, assigned them a shift, and when they’ve confirmed the booking.
  • Talent login: Talent have their own login capability and manage their own talent profile, uploading photos, statistics, contact information, special skills, and more.
  • Built-in instant messaging: Allows you to send and receive important information either one-on-one or to a group
  • Talent paperwork: Dedicated, private, and secure place to store documents.
  • ePayroll: Painlessly tracks hours and rates, pays your talent, and maintains payment records.

These features will simplify our processes at Modern Talent, which we believe is fantastic news for our current and future clients.  We will have more time to focus on their events and spend less time on the logistics of hiring and matching the right talent for their needs.  Our talent base should continue to grow and strengthen as our company does the same.  

Again, we are extremely excited about this new partnership and look forward to working with PopBookings.  We can’t wait to use their industry changing tools to continue to provide the best service possible to our clients and grow our amazing staff of talented promotional models and brand ambassadors.  

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