Why You Should Hire Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors

In 2016, competition for ad space and consumer eyes is stiffer than it has ever been.  Recent studies claim that we now spend between 8-10 hours a day consuming media, and to most consumers dismay, much of that time is spent consuming ads.  This level of competition is what generally forces businesses to adapt and adopt creative new ways to reach consumers.  Modern Talent’s solution to this problem: hire a promotional staff and brand ambassador(s).  More importantly, hire us! :).

You may have heard the phrase “we are exposed to more than 5,000 ads per day.”  5,000!!!  Statistics are fun aren’t they?  It’s hard to put a number on that type of consumption, but analysts say it is anywhere between 500-5,000 ads per day.  Naturally, at those levels of exposure, the impact of logos and brand names is diluted and we simply can’t remember them all.  This is where promotional staffing and brand ambassadors can come in and set your business and products apart from the rest.

Everything in life always comes back to people.  Your company is made up of them and you are selling your product to them, so why not use talented and experienced people to connect and bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller?  Positioning skilled and enthusiastic promotional staff in stores, restaurants, and at events to sell your product will give you a distinct advantage over your competition.  Consumers will be more apt to ask questions, test and interact with your product and most importantly: buy your product.  

At Modern Talent we offer top notch promotional event staffing and are the leading live event staffing agency in the Midwest.  Our brand ambassadors and promotional models have experience promoting brands in trade shows, bars, liquor stores, restaurants, and special events.

Some of the advantages of hiring a promotional agency and staff include:

  • Increase sales- heightened customer satisfaction and engagement leads directly to increased sales.
  • Save money- paying wages, travel and accommodations for company staff is often very expensive, but by hiring a promotional staffing agency you can leave the overhead costs to them and they can represent your company in a professional way at a reduced cost to you.
  • Reach your audience- There is a close relationship between customer experience and how well they resonate with brands. Initial contact with the product/brand is the best chance to create a positive customer experience and deploying experienced promotional staff often leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Display professionalism- a staffing agency’s goal is to represent your brand to the best of their ability. If they underperform at an event it reflects poorly on them as well. Because of this, agencies only select the best staff and prioritize training and informing them of event details prior to sending them into action.

Positioning promotional staff effectively can lead to big returns on your investment and establish long-term relationships with customers and hopefully with the staffing agency as well.  Event staffing with our company is designed to minimize the work on your part while creating an effective marketing campaign.  We understand that efficiency and simplicity are critical to the increasing your company’s profits–just ask our clients!

An important question you may be asking yourself as a business owner is, “when is it the right time to hire an event staffing agency?”  We like to think it’s always a good time to hire professional staff to promote your event, but Air Fresh Marketing lists seven signs that it is time to hire an event marketing agency:

  1. Sales are at a stand-still
  2. Things aren’t getting done
  3. You don’t want to do it yourself
  4. You don’t know how to do it yourself
  5. You need more contact with consumers
  6. You don’t know what’s working
  7. You can’t afford to hire your own event marketing team

We’ve already touched on affordability and getting connected with your customers, so the primary signs that we strongly agree with here are: 1) sales are at a stand-still and 2) you don’t know what’s working.  Firstly, consistent sales can be a positive for your company in the short-term, but remaining stagnant for too long can have negative effects on the company’s long-term growth and how competitive it remains in the market.  Staffing promotional events is a creative and consumer involved tactic that will give your company an edge over your competitors.  Brands that stick around for the long haul are constantly adapting to the market and actively gauging customer demand.  Think Old Spice, Coca Cola, Dos Equis, Dollar Shave Club etc…  

Secondly, you don’t know what’s working.  Print advertising, billboards and TV/Radio advertising all have their advantages, but none of them can be accurately measured or analyzed on their overall effectiveness.  With a promotional event you can track the total number of customers you had contact with, total sales from the event and the amount of information getting out to the public.  You will know almost instantly if the event was a success or not, and if you should continue using that type of marketing strategy.

The more obvious signs that you should hire a promotional staffing agency are that you don’t know how to do it or you don’t want to do it.  At Modern Talent, we make the experience fun and easy and we try to put all of the stress upon ourselves to make the event a success for your company.  Getting in touch with your clients should be an exciting process and we take great pride in providing enthusiastic promotional models and brand ambassadors that invigorate customer interaction.

So if you feel like your company’s sales are plateauing, you need to get an advantage over your competitors, you want direct customer feedback or any of the other points we touched on here, it may be time to hire a promotional staffing agency!

To learn more about Modern Talent and the services we offer please visit our website at: moderntalentusa.com.  If you would like to book Modern Talent for your next event, please click here.

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