Over the past few years, social media has become more and more popular. Each day, there are apps that are created that make our social media net wider, and help make our photo posts on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others more eye catching, bright, and vibrant for viewers. Having photos that are clear and attention getting will always result in more likes and followers, which is usually always the main social media goal of all businesses (and for personal social media use).

There are countless apps that are available in the app store, as well as downloadable software for your computer that are great for photo editing. However, some are far better than others. Here are some apps that are available that are good quality, easy to use, and affordable. They will help and turn your Promotional Modeling photos into an “Instagram-Worthy” post that your agency will love!

1. Snapseed

This app is available for free on the Apple App store. The app gives you SO many options for quick and simple editing tasks such as increasing the brightness and exposure of a photo. What’s great about using this app is the “portrait” feature which brightens up all the faces that are in the photo. This feature is amazing for a group of Promotional Models where the lighting in a bar or event venue isn’t quite right, leaving shadowy faces in the as a result. Using Snapseed will result in brightening up multiple Brand Ambassadors’ faces, as well as creating a bright, eye-catching post for Instagram.

2. Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is available to download on your computer, and is also available for free in the App Store. Although the download of Adobe Photoshop is free, there is a cost for a monthly membership, which is around $20 a month. If that is something that you are able to fit into your budget, having the skill of using Photoshop for enhancing and editing out unwanted objects from a photo would be very beneficial for a Promotional Model when submitting pictures from a Trade Show, Promotion, or In-Store Demo. If you aren’t familiar with how to use Photoshop, there are countless video tutorials on YouTube that will take you step-by-step of how to to perform a specific task.

3. Perfect 365

Perfect 365 is another free app that is available on the Apple App store. This app is very user-friendly and straight to the point for anyone who isn’t a “pro” at editing pictures. Some of the key features that this app provides is getting rid of red-eye, removing any unwanted under eye circles, and even can enhance the look of your eyelashes (while still looking natural!) Be careful while using this app to edit your Brand Ambassador photos, it can be easy to go “overboard” while enhancing facial features, so make sure to be aware of how much of Perfect 365’s features are being used on a single photo.

4. Instagram

This is an app that we are all familiar with! Most of us use Instagram on a daily basis to check up on social media. But, Instagram is actually a great tool for editing and adding a perfect filter to your social media posts. What is great about using this app for editing is that when choosing a filter, you can make the filter less “intense” after choosing one. You can also use Instagram editing for adjusting exposure, adding highlights, warmth, and just the right amount of brightness to your pictures to get the engagement on your post that you want!

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This coming Sunday, there will be a countless number of Patriots, Eagles, and Vikings fans coming to the city of Minneapolis to watch Super Bowl LII. To get a better idea of how many people will be traveling to the great state of Minnesota, there is an estimated ONE MILLION football fans that will be making the trip up to the north land over the span of the Super Bowl weekend.

I’m sure many tourists who have never been to Minneapolis before are wondering, “What is there to do in Minnesota?” and “What is there to do when it’s freezing outside?” The answer to both of these questions is… a lot of things! Here are just a few of the many options for fun things to do when visiting Minneapolis (even when it’s cold outside!)

Go Ice Skating:

Want a true Minnesota experience? Go visit an outdoor ice skating rinks or a frozen lake with your family and friends. Doesn’t matter if you grew up playing ice hockey all your life or have never tried on skates before, people of all skating levels take advantage of the public outdoor rinks. If you don’t own your own skates, that’s okay too! Many of the outdoor skating rinks provide free rental skates, including Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis.

Visit the Mall of America:

Going to the Mall of America is an absolute must-see for someone who has never experienced it. It’s considered to be one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world! There’s things to do for people of all ages, interests, and food preferences! Shopping is not the only thing that the Mall of America has to offer. There’s also a theme park, movie theater, aquarium, and much more! Also, tourists will be able to stop by and visit our lovely Promotional Models at the Best Buy located in the mall through Saturday!

See Downtown Minneapolis:

This whole week leading up to the Super Bowl will have so much action going on all over the city. Downtown Minneapolis has incredible views, especially at night. Take a walk downtown and check out all the cool things to do and see, such as visiting one of the many restaurants, and tasting beer from the local breweries. Modern Talent’s Promotional Models will be promoting Jim Beam at Grumpy’s, so be sure to try a complimentary sample! And of course, you won’t be able to miss the beautiful new US Bank Stadium, where the big game will be taking place!

St. Paul Winter Carnival

The annual St. Paul Winter Carnival conveniently is taking place during the same time as the Super Bowl, meaning that out of town visitors can soak in all the winter activities that Minnesota has to offer. The carnival includes a beautiful ice palace, a disc golfing competition, and many family activities! There is also ice skating, free to the public live music, and snowmobile stunts performed by skilled athletes. There would be something for everyone to enjoy there to make the most out of their midwest travel experience!

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At Modern Talent, we take pride that our Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, Promotional Models and Trade Show Models are fun, intelligent, outgoing, and professional. Over the years that Modern Talent has been a part of the promotions industry, a majority of our events where we are promoting liquor and wine brands require the Promotional Models to be over the age of 21. Because of this required minimum age to work in a bar or liquor store, many of our Models work for Modern Talent while they are pursuing a college education.

Since Modern Talent is a Minneapolis-based agency, many of our Promotional Models are currently attending college at the University of Minnesota or the University of St. Thomas. Along with colleges that are in Minneapolis, there is a multitude of other college cities where we staff a variety of events. Such as Duluth, St. Cloud, and Mankato Minnesota. We also have opportunities for college students to pick up part-time Brand Ambassador work in Fargo and Grand Forks North Dakota, Lincoln and Omaha Nebraska, and Denver Colorado. (Just to name a few!)

There are MANY benefits to working for Modern Talent as a college student. Here are 4 of the top reasons that our staff works with us while continuing their education:

It’s Not Fun Being Broke:

A big part of being a college student is being on a “college budget”. When you aren’t able to spend much money on yourself, it’s tough to pass up on a dinner or night out with your friends, or not being able to buy a new cocktail dress for a formal event. We pay our Promotional Models a starting rate of $25 an hour, and our shifts are normally around three hours long. Picking up just one tasting or bar promotion per weekend would be about an extra $300 a month in your pocket! For someone who is on a tight budget, there is a lot you could do with that extra cash!

Job Experience:

Brand Ambassador work teaches college students how to speak confidently in front of groups of people, and a variety of other skills that can help prepare them for their future careers. Having a job with Modern Talent is a great resume builder for college students who are looking pursue a career in sales, leadership, communication, and/or marketing upon graduation!

Being a Promotional Model is Fun!:

Most jobs while being a college student include working in a library or other on-campus building, or working inconvenient, weekend daytime hours at a store inside of the local mall. How many students can say that they get to go to their favorite college bars, and actually get paid to give out free samples and merchandise, talk about the amazing liquor brand they are representing, and take fun photos?! Not too many!

Making New Friends:

Because our Promotional Model staff is all energetic, outgoing, and fun, there are many new friendships that are made after two or more people are booked for the same shift together. It’s fun to see that many of our Models become friends and hang out together outside of work! For students that are new to their college town and want to get to know people, or just would like to branch out of their social circle, working for Modern Talent is a great opportunity to start new and possibly even lifelong friendships!

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Whether you’re a hard-core Vikings fan, a fan of another team in the NFL, or you just look forward to Sundays for an excuse to drink bloody mary’s with football playing in the background… I’m sure you’re aware that the Super Bowl for 2018 is going to be held at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN!

This is the first time the Super Bowl will be held at this beautiful new stadium, and Minnesotans are SO excited and proud to be the hosts of this special event. Especially since the Minnesota Vikings are just one step closer to being one of the teams that plays in the game. If the Vikings beat the Eagles this coming weekend, it would be the first time in NFL history to have the hosting team also playing in the Super Bowl. Amazing!

Modern Talent is just as excited as the rest of the Vikings fans and state of Minnesota, because many of our Promotional Models will be able to experience being in the Super Bowl atmosphere, both leading up to and the day of the main event! We are looking forward to our Models having the opportunity to promote Jim Beam the day before and the day of the big game at Grumpy’s next to the stadium!

Never been to Minneapolis before? The first week of February would be the best time to go and experience the beautiful, charming city with great food and hotel options, as well as the nicest locals. “Minnesota nice” is definitely a real thing!

If you’re not planning on getting a ticket into the game, there’s so many places to watch from that will give you just as great of a NFL fan experience. A few downtown Minneapolis places that would be great to check out after stopping at Grumpy’s would be: The Pourhouse, Sneaky Pete’s, Cowboy Jacks, and The Armory, which is the newest nightclub experience in Minneapolis. They will be hosting a Super Bowl party that will have performances by music artists P!nk and Imagine Dragons.

Bars in Minnesota are usually open until 2 a.m. for customers. However, an exception was made JUST for the Super Bowl weekend, and many popular bars will be open two more hours until 4 a.m! Minnesota locals will be taking full advantage of this special occasion, hopefully spending the extra two hours celebrating what will hopefully be a FIRST Vikings Super Bowl victory!

Along with promoting Jim Beam, there’s a good chance if you’re downtown Minneapolis that you’ll see the Models of Modern Talent out promoting Bacardi. We will also be sampling Yellow Tail Wine and Revel Spirits near US Bank Stadium.

Our Promotional Models do not only represent liquor and wine brands, they are always educated and looking forward to teaching consumers about products in many industries across the board. You will also be able to go to visit and talk to our energetic and outgoing Models at Best Buy in the Mall of America, where they will be educating locals (and the out of state football fans) on the newest technology that Best Buy has out on the market! Modern Talent and their Models are proud to be representing this incredible electronics and entertainment company.

Whatever the outcome may be for Super Bowl LII, Minneapolis being the host is very exciting! Modern Talent is looking forward to having their Promotional Models out experiencing this iconic sports event. Being a part of the Modern Talent team makes you realize that work can be fun too!

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