The first thought that most people have when it comes to imagining a Promotional Model and the work that they do, is the way that they look. Most people will be picturing a young woman in her early 20s who is very attractive, tall, has curves in all the right places, and is in runway model shape. In reality though, Modern Talent’s Promotional Models go beyond the typical stereotype.

Being a successful Promotional Model in today’s market goes beyond just outward beauty. Although self-care and maintenance of our appearance can be considered a lifestyle skill, there is so much more to just the way somebody looks to be successful in this industry.

The work that Promotional Models do is very different than the work of a print model. There at times can be a few similarities; however, the work that a Promotional ModelTrade Show Model, or Brand Ambassador does during their average work day plays a massive role in marketing and the idea of brand awareness. Some of the main objectives of promo work is to interact with customers or guests, and educating them about the brand that they are promoting, adding an overall personal touch to a brand. They help tremendously to increase the amount of exposure of a brand and its sales.

If you are someone who is thinking about starting a career in part-time or full-time promotional work, or you are trying to become a more skilled and experienced Promotional Model, there are a few key qualifications and skills that are the most important to focus on before you begin your first (or for your next) promo shift. Here are some of the main skills that Modern Talent believes make the strongest Brand Ambassadors on our nationwide team:

1. Understanding how to Communicate

Good communication is all about interacting with someone in a way that they understand the message that you are trying to convey, as well as listening to the other person intently, and giving appropriate responses at the right time. Communication is NOT about how much you can talk in a short period of time so you can talk to the next consumer in line, or how long a conversation with someone lasts. In reality, good communication is about what the consumer learns about a brand at the end of a conversation, and the lasting impression that a customer has about the product you are educating them on.

2. Understanding the Sales Process

 When working an event in which the product that is being sampled and promoted is for retail sale, the Promotional Model must be aware of who their target audience is, and is able to be warm and welcoming to the consumer while inviting them to try the product. When the attention of the consumer is gained, this is when the Brand Ambassador would be informative about what the brand is, and why they should try it. While the consumer is sampling the product, this would the best time to talk about the key interesting facts about the product such as where it comes from, how it’s made, and what flavor notes are in it. Knowing the background and history of a brand, as well as what it is that makes the particular brand unique and special, will drive the consumer to be much more likely to buy the product being sampled. This type of sales process will lead to a higher volume of sales from the Promotional Model once the event is completed!

3. Understanding the Consumer

Having “people skills” is essential to be a successful Brand Ambassador for Modern Talent. In the Promotional Modeling industry, there will be exposure to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Although most consumers a Promo Model will talk to during a shift will be pleasant and respectful, there could be times where a person is rude or irritating. Although this type of behavior is unacceptable, a Brand Ambassador should understand that this is part of the job of working around people, and they should be able to always take the “high road” when it comes to rude comments from consumers, and handle difficult situations confidently and professionally.

Looks do play an important role in Promotional Model work, but there is so much more to this type of work than just outward appearance. Beyond the way a Promotional Model looks, the main focus is his or her overall image, presentation, and their self-care. All of these factors that go into being a successful Promo Model are extremely important when presenting themselves to a client and to a crowd of consumers.

Brand Ambassadors always come off the most professional and approachable when they are dressed professionally and in appropriate attire for their event. This means that:

  • They have their hair washed and styled neatly.
  • For women, their makeup is done and looks glamorous, but also natural looking.
  • Their clothes are correctly coordinated with the other Brand Ambassadors or Trade Show Models working, from their tops, to the type of shoes that they are wearing.
  • Clothes are clean, not wrinkled, and fit appropriately. Meaning that clothing pieces are not too baggy but also not too tight.
  • They are upbeat, positive, and smiling. They are truly excited to educate the guests at an event of any size!

The way a Promotional Model presents themselves at an event will be the first thing that a consumer will notice. However, just a few moments later, the consumer or guest at an event will notice their communication skills, sales skills, and overall people skills. All of these skills are necessary to be successful in this industry. Having excellent sales, communication, and people skills is something that is noticed quickly by Modern Talent, and will result in getting booked for the best events!

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Now that we are getting into the month of March and spring is coming shortly, how is everyone’s fitness New Year’s resolutions coming along? If you’re still actively engaged in your fitness goals for 2018, congratulations! Studies show that 80% of people fail their New Year’s resolution by February.

Coming up with a specific New Year’s resolution and actually sticking with that specific goal is very challenging. Especially while at the same time living your life of socializing with friends and family, working promotions and events, and possibly studying for final exams all at the same time.

It’s common to have a “love/hate” relationship with working out. We all need a day for a break, and that’s OK. There are actually many ways that you can easily incorporate exercise into your daily life that will make us feel good, without having to set aside time every single day to go to your gym!

Go for a walk with your roommate(s)

After a long day of work, instead of hitting the couch right away…ask your significant other or your roommate to go on a walk with you. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but adding in the effortless exercise at the end of the day will be beneficial and it will feel great to get some fresh air and to get in those extra steps. If you have a dog, it’s a great opportunity to take your dog for a longer walk than normal. Your body will thank you, and so will your pooch!

Take the more challenging route

It can definitely be agreed that we all would rather take the elevator than walk up a few flights of stairs, or try and find a spot to park in the closest spot next to the store. But incorporating more activities into your day-to-day lifestyle means more calories burned over time. Breaking old, lazier habits can be challenging, but it can be worth it to do things that are outside of your comfort zone. Park at the back of the lot so you have to walk further to get to your in-store demo or bar promotion. If your Modern Talent shift is in your neighborhood, set aside extra time to walk there instead of driving. (If you feel safe doing so)

The easiest habit that you can break is to always take the stairs over the elevator. Stair climbing is a great workout, and will help make your legs look great!

Choose a healthy lunch 

When you’re getting yourself to add more fitness and exercise into your daily routine, sometimes it feels like you can’t eat out over the option of making a healthy sandwich or salad at home. This doesn’t always have to be the case. No matter what city you’re located in, whether you’re a Minneapolis-based Promotional Model, or a Fargo-based Brand Ambassador, there are always healthy options when deciding to eat out over making a meal at home.

A significant number or Modern Talent’s Promotional Models are based in the Twin Cities. A great option for a place to eat that is local to Minneapolis, and has an entire menu of healthy options is Crisp & Green. It’s minimalist atmosphere is designed for people who either have time to sit down, or are on the go. Their rice bowls and salads are customizable to your diet, and if you’re really in a hurry there is another menu of delicious smoothies that will give you the energy needed for a long day!

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There is a lot that goes into planning an event. Whether it’s a bar promotion, trade show, brand launch, an in-store tasting, or any other gathering… there is strategic planning and time that is involved. Because of this, the Promotional Model that is booked for an event of any size is expected to execute the event flawlessly while confidently educating consumers on the brand that they are representing. Here are a couple of the important factors that go into running the perfect event!



Timing is EVERYTHING- The time that you arrive is the first impression that the account and client will have of the Brand Ambassador. It’s so crucial to be punctual and arriving to the event that you’re booked for 15 minutes early. Coming to an event at the time that it starts is considered being late, and makes you and your agency look unprofessional.

Knowing Your Location

Being aware of where your event is located goes alongside with timing. It’s important for a Promotional Model to prepare for an event ahead of time by looking up the location and how long that it will take them to get there. Also knowing what available parking there is, and planning ahead if they need to set aside some extra time to find a parking spot or a parking ramp. If there is little to no parking available, sometimes it’s best to take an Uber so that less time is wasted on finding a parking spot and walking to the account.

Have Materials Ready

It is important to have all of the POS items and sample bottles you are going to need for a promotion right there ready to go. Never arrive to an event or trade show unorganized or missing important materials that you need to sell a brand. The promotion is certain to run smoothly if the Promotional Model makes sure to have everything that they need beforehand. Revisiting the detailed information about the promotion the day of, and knowing what the goals of the event are, is beneficial for everyone.

Know Your Contacts

You can run into several problems during a promotion. A Promotional Model should know exactly who they need to contact in an emergency BEFORE they arrive to the promotion. This will help eliminate any problems or issues that the Brand Ambassador may face. Also, Modern Talent’s Promotional Models are required to call the account ahead of time to make sure managers and other employees of the account know that a promotion will be taking place.

Presenting Yourself

The way you that a Promotional Model portrays themself reflects directly on the client that they are representing, as well as Modern Talent. Presentation is not just limited to making sure that hair and makeup is done, and their clothes are appropriate and clean; but it’s also about the Model’s knowledge of the brand, and presenting the product. As always, one of the most important qualities of a great Promotional Model is always maintaining an enthusiastic and positive attitude throughout the entire promotion.

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Easy Tricks to Save Your Money

You may often wonder why there is so much pressure to save money. You might be thinking, “I have enough to pay for everything that I need, why should I put even more money away each month?” There are countless benefits to saving money, the hard part of starting to save is getting into the habit of saving your hard-earned income. Everyone saves their money for different reasons, but saving ultimately puts less stress on yourself and gives you a peace of mind if something were to happen where you need to cover unexpected expenses.

Here are a couple of easy tricks to save money that will make you wish you had started doing sooner!

Change your expensive habits:

This might be the most difficult change to make. Most people enjoy going out to eat. It’s easy and convenient, and you don’t have to spend time in the kitchen making your own meal and cleaning up your dirty dishes after. However, making a habit out of going to restaurants multiple times in a week drains your bank account quickly. Cooking is really not that hard, and there are so many books and websites out there with quick, healthy, and delicious recipes. Not only will you save your money, but you will also most likely be more aware of what you are eating, leading to better health.

Pick a small percent of your paycheck to put into savings:

An easy trick that some of our Promotional Models at Modern Talent do to save their money that they make working events is to put a small percentage of their paycheck into a savings account. Putting even just 5% of payday money into a savings account is extremely beneficial for unexpected emergency funds, and you will hardly even notice a change to your “spending” account!

Pick up more shifts on the weekends

This one seems like a no-brainer. The more you work, the more money you make right? If you find yourself not having too much going on for plans for the upcoming weekend, deciding to go and work a promotion, event, trade show, or sampling means getting a bigger paycheck. Not only will you get a bigger paycheck and more to save, you will also be able to socialize with others, and likely work alongside another Promotional Model from Modern Talent…meaning a more productive and fun weekend!

Travel with another Promotional Model

Traveling can become spendy, especially if you are booked for an event somewhere that’s a longer commute from where you live. By planning ahead and coordinating with who you are working a promotion with, carpooling with one another and splitting the cost of gas can be a noticeable cost savings. Not only is it a cost savings for more than one Brand Ambassador, but you will also have someone to chat with while on the road to your event!

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