Let’s Not Forget about Fargo

Thursday, 19 October 2017 by

Although Modern Talent is a Minneapolis-based agency, we provide Promotional Models, Trade Show Models, Brand Ambassadors, Wine Professionals, and Samplers in many parts of the United States. One of our biggest markets besides Minneapolis and Chicago for Promotions and Liquor Samplings in particular is the beautiful city of Fargo, North Dakota.

What exactly is in Fargo, North Dakota? The answer is…. A lot of things! There is actually a lot to do and great perks about living in the city of Fargo. Our lovely Promotional Models who live in Fargo are in love with the North Dakota city, and we understand why they are!

North Dakota State: Many of our Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors live in Fargo because they are college students at North Dakota State University (Home of the Bison) This D1 University is the home of a legendary football team, has a fun and lively atmosphere, and provides many options for different majors and career paths. Having a job with Modern Talent is a great resume builder for college students who are looking pursue a career in sales or marketing upon graduation!

Golf Courses: There are a total of five different courses to golf on in Fargo. Although the state is known for being flat, the golf courses are a beautiful and scenic spot to spend the day with friends, coworkers, and family! Most of these courses are open to the public, so if you are looking to stop in Fargo for a few days, golfing is a wonderful option for something to do! (In the spring, summer, and fall of course)

Recommended: Edgewood Municipal Golf Course

Downtown Fargo: There are countless options of dining, shopping, salons, breweries, and more located in downtown Fargo. There are two breweries that are highly recommended by the locals, which are Drekker Brewing Company as well as Fargo Brewing Company, which is Fargo’s oldest and largest brewery. There are many restaurants that have delicious options for pizza, sandwiches, small plates, and everything in between. One of the favorite restaurants in Fargo is The Toasted Frog. They are known for their fried pickle appetizer, as well as their long list of incredible martinis. If you are planning on traveling to Grand Forks while in Fargo, there is another Toasted Frog there as well!

Nightlife: Believe it or not, Fargo has quite the nightlife scene, especially on the weekends. Like I had previously mentioned, downtown Fargo has plenty of options for bars and restaurants to go to to be a part of the social scene. Some of the popular nightlife bars in Fargo that are popular among college students, especially before Bison Football games (which are located at the Fargodome) are Rick’s Bar and Chub’s Pub & Package Place.

Next time you are planning a road trip, or want to take a weekend getaway somewhere you’ve never been before, consider traveling to Fargo, North Dakota. You may even be lucky enough to spot one of our Promotional Models working hard at the local liquor stores such as Happy Harry’s, and at some of the best bars in town!

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How to Pair Your Wine Like a Pro

Friday, 13 October 2017 by

There are many different occasions and gatherings where everyone drinks wine. Holidays, birthdays, bachelorette parties, graduations…the list goes on and on. Whether you are a wine “expert” or just beginning to start trying different wines, it can be overwhelming to be in a liquor store, bar, or at a wine tasting and looking at all the different types of wine and different colors that they all are. When wandering and getting lost through the isles of the liquor store, looking at all of the countless bottles perfectly lined up on all the shelves, it can be intimidating, time consuming and even frustrating at times to figure out the perfect wine to bring to a party, or to just enjoy with your dinner that you’re making at home.

Each type of wine can be “paired” with different types and flavors of food. Whether it’s meat, cheese, pasta, soup or anything else you can imagine to eat, there is the perfect type of wine that will go perfectly with it. The concept and knowledge of “Wine Pairing” is the process of pairing different food dishes with different kinds of wine to enhance your “wining and dining” experience!

Our Wine Professionals at Modern Talent would be more than happy to help out a fellow wine lover find that perfect wine to go with their meal. Wine pairing is like an art that can easily be mastered. Basically, pairing wines with food that goes well with it will have complementary components, richness, and textures. If you don’t already have any background knowledge on wine pairing, I have some of the basic pairing tips for popular types of wine to help figure out what wine will go best for your next gathering or a night in with a homemade meal.

Champagne: For an event such as New Year’s Eve or a graduation celebration, champagne and sparkling wines are extremely popular amongst the guests. Champagne complements the best with salty foods like pretzels or chips, especially if the champagne is dry like a brut. The saltiness in the food will make the champagne taste more refreshing.

Recommended: Mumm Napa Brut Prestige

Sauvignon Blanc: If you’re planning on having a “lighter” meal such as a salad with a tangy vinaigrette, light fish, or green vegetables, a sauvignon blanc is the wine to go for. The citrus flavors in this wine complements best with grassy flavors, tart flavors and a zesty spice!

Recommended: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc

Chardonnay: A lightly oaked Chardonnay is a great choice for a “crowd pleaser” wine. A crisp Chardonnay pairs very well with a buttery salmon meal, as well as chicken, pork, and/or pasta with a creamy sauce. When choosing a salad with this type of wine, go for a cheese-based salad, such as the always popular Caesar salad!

Recommended: Château St. Michelle Chardonnay

Pinot Noir: A pinot noir is a great option to bring to a gathering, because it is known to be versatile for pairing with a variety of foods. Another great thing about it is that it can be served room temperature or chilled. The light-bodied Pinot Noir pairs well with roasted chicken, pork, and vegetables, especially mushrooms.

Recommended: Josh Cellars Pinot Noir

Cabernet: This full-bodied, rich, and complex red wine is perfect with meals that are meaty and richer sauces in texture. Bring a bottle of Cabernet to a steak dinner, or enjoy with a burger. Cabernet is a great choice of wine in the fall and winter because it pairs well with comfort food such as beef chili or stew.

Recommended: 19 Crimes Cabernet

To further educate yourself on the concept of wine pairing, there are many resources that are available online, as well as books at your local liquor store that are available to purchase. The book What to Drink with What You Eat is available on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble and is also a great source for recipe ideas and finding a wine that best pairs with your meals!  

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Coffee vs. Energy Drinks

Thursday, 05 October 2017 by

Working in the Promotional Modeling Industry takes energy. While working a promo, in-store demo, or event for Modern Talent, it’s crucial to keep energy levels high. It’s important that Promotional Models maintain a highly engaged, fun, productive and professional image for consumers and account staff. A spirited and peppy Promotional Model shows that they are taking their job seriously, and also raises the mood for everyone interacting with our staff!

At times, it is difficult to find that extra boost of energy after a day of being in class or at a daytime job. Events and Promos are most often in the late afternoon or evening, meaning that sometimes a Brand Ambassador needs to refuel with a little bit of caffeine to increase productivity, which then leads to higher sales.

There are multiple ways that we can energize ourselves with the help of caffeinated beverages. The most popular options to get ourselves energized is either coffee or energy drinks. Both the coffee and energy drink markets are large and growing. There are countless different options to choose from, including energy “shots” such as Five Hour Energy. Coffee and energy drinks are completely different products made from completely different ingredients that are supposed to have the same end result, which is higher energy and alertness.

When deciding whether to have a cup of coffee or to pick up an energy drink from the cooler at the nearest gas station, there are a few important things to consider when comparing the two beverages.

Ingredients: Most energy drinks contain ingredients that can be harmful to the body if consumed in high amounts. These ingredients include an excess of B Vitamins, Taurine, sugar and sugar substitutes, and Guarana. In comparison to the ingredients in most energy drinks, coffee comes from natural grown coffee beans, and contain at least 1,000 natural compounds in the beans, and 300 more are created in the roasting process. One of these natural compound ingredients in coffee includes antioxidants, which has many benefits for the body.

Side Effects: The most common side effects of energy drinks and energy “shots” are stomach irritation, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, and an abnormal heart rate. In serious cases, consuming energy drinks has resulted in hospitalization from the side effects. When it comes to drinking coffee, the most common side effects are heartburn, increase of anxiety, and insomnia.

Although these side effects aren’t experienced by every consumer, drinking either of the beverages in moderation will better the chances of not experiencing any negative side effects.

Everyone needs energy during the day to be productive and get work done. Getting a good night sleep and being well-rested is the most important factor in making sure that our bodies are energized and will do wonders for our energy levels. We all need that “pick-me-up” at some point in the day, especially before a promotion, tasting, tradeshow, or event. When choosing what to drink to get that extra boost of energy, consider what will be the best option for you and your health!

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Tips to Keep Your Life Organized

Wednesday, 27 September 2017 by

We all know people who are extremely organized- and wonder HOW they seem to always have their life/schedule all together while maintaining a social life, and even fitting time to go to the gym multiple times a week. Sometimes it’s hard to remember what commitments you have made, and which days you have scheduled events.

People are not born organized, they simply teach themselves how to become more organized, and continue to make a habit out of it in their every-day life. When juggling one or more jobs, remembering to pay bills, maintaining your relationships, and having side hobbies… it seems impossible to remember every important date and event on your schedule.

Becoming a more organized person takes some effort to make into a habit, but I have some tips and tools that are very helpful to help an unorganized person figure out how to organize their calendar and planner, as well as their work and social life, which will lead to far less confusion and stress in the future!

  1. Keep EVERYTHING written down: If you are a beginner in wanting to keep your life more organized, simply writing things down such as appointments, deadlines, due dates, and promotions and in-store demo shifts in a planner or notebook is extremely helpful. Although Modern Talent uses PopBookings for scheduling that has automatic reminders, writing dates of events down will help organize your personal calendar. There are so many options for planners of all kinds and for all types of organizational needs on Amazon, and at Target or Office Max. By writing down things that you should remember, you have a far better chance of remembering to get it done or preparing for a deadline or scheduled event. Trying to remember everything in your memory is NOT effective, you will not remember everything that way.


  • Declutter and downsize on a regular basis: When your bedroom, car, office, and closet are unorganized, you will feel the same way. Make a habit out of going through your bedroom, car, and closet once a week to keep it clean and uncluttered. Get rid of clothes and shoes that you no longer wear and donate them to Goodwill or sell them for some extra cash at a local consignment shop. The more decluttered your living space is, the clearer your mind will be.



  • STOP procrastinating: We all know how difficult this habit can be to break. Nobody wants to do their homework or work on a huge work project when you’d rather be doing other things. However, waiting until the last minute to finish important tasks will only result in unnecessary stress. Like I had mentioned earlier, writing down deadlines will help in making a habit out of being more organized. Writing a “to-do” list to remind yourself of important deadlines and projects coming up will get you in the mindset to accomplish goals and tasks before they are due, and crush them! Getting things done the night before they are due will most likely result in sloppy work that you won’t be as proud of if you had organized your time better to do a quality job.


Remember, good habits such as being someone who is organized will take some time to form, but will be even harder to break. An organized life is a happy life!

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